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Advertising Via Cell Phone

Jun 9, 2008
The internet opened up a whole new world to individuals and businesses that were into marketing and wanted to advertise certain products and/or services. As technology progressed, it was only a matter of time before new technological outlets became available for individuals who wanted to advertise. This is where cell phones came into play. As cell phone service providers continue to open up their individual networks to various types of businesses, many different advertising methods via cell phone are becoming available. These types include text messages, various types of banner ads, and even multimedia type commercials!

Major cell phone service providers are starting to see the benefits associated with allowing large corporations, such as WWE, internet service providers, television stations, Coca-Cola, and Pepsi to advertise on their network platforms. Not only do these companies receive compensation for the advertisements that are placed in their networks and issued to consumers, they also receive a certain percentage of revenue periodically on any type of commission that the company makes from those said advertisements. Individuals simply receive these advertisements through their cell phone email, text messaging services, and even through pages that are displayed when they search features their service offers like wallpapers.

If you are an individual or a business that wishes to take full advantage of the benefits of advertising and marketing, the possibilities are virtually endless! There are many ways that you can make these networks work for you. First, you can create a text messaging campaign that will allow you to send various advertisements and attachments to individuals who have opted in to receive information with content that you are providing. This is potentially promising in that you can quickly and effectively reach millions of targeted people who want to receive what you are sending!

In addition to this, many cell phone services offer email inboxes to their subscribers. This means that you can actually create an email marketing campaign through the use of a basic cell phone service! It is important to understand that while online internet email marketing campaigns are effective, not everyone has a computer. However, it is your intention to reach all of those email subscribers that you are unable to reach through the internet by way of the cell phone service that they subscribe to. This can be extremely profitable for you in the long run.

Advertising via cell phone is a lucrative business for both the cell phone service providers, as well as the individuals and businesses that elect to implement the use of these services for financial gain. If you are in the market to advertise a particular service and/or product, cell phone advertising may be just the thing for you!

So if you don't do it today and wait who is to say your competition might be a step up on you and start texting their customers tomorrow. This is what happens in the old saying the early bird gets the worm. Be early and get on the text band wagon today, not tomorrow.
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Sean Derfield is a bar owner, and online marketer. He has many sites that deal with bringing more business thru your doors. His newest site for text marketing is text marketing his other site is friend adder
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