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5 Profit Pullers to Increase Your Yearning for Earnings

Jun 9, 2008
Internet marketing involves doing several things to drive traffic. Once you have that traffic, you want to keep them at your site longer, and have them coming back again and again, buying as often as possible.

1. Two words that will bag prospects faster than a teen at Wal Mart, Free Bonus. Whether it's your own product bonus or an affiliate bonus that you can offer to your customers, just get yourself a bonus that you can offer for free.

People assume they will find free stuff and good deals online. Don't disappoint them. Here are a couple of things you can come up with to offer them: a free contest, nothing needed to enter, they supply an email address, that's it.

How about offering free, original content to them. Something they can't readily find. Become a source for specific and insightful info and you will gain a lot more visitors that can become customers.

I always make sure that I have a bonus available to new prospects. Often my most successful bonuses are simple reports that take no time to put together, and that are downloadable. Have the prospect leave you their name and email address to get your free offer.

2. Headlines and sub-headlines. Today we are all professional scanners. The Internet has done that to us. Now, to keep people at your site longer, make it easy for them to scan it by having your copy contain large font headlines, and short bold sub-headlines.

If someone had to, they should be able to get a very good idea of what your online business is offering simply by scanning the headlines and sub-headlines.

Note: Gain awareness about the quality and look of your site. A good impression goes along way, like all the way to the bank. If people pull up your site and are immediately hit with a crowded web page, awful colors, and banners flashing, they will not want to spend any time or money with you.

3. If you're not using affiliates, you need to wake up and find a way to involve affiliate marketers, who can make more sales for you. It's very easy for you to set up an affiliate program, one that respects the affiliate marketer by making the sales program easier for them to make sales. Give them rich text ads to work with, a couple of smart banners and easy tracking links that provides them with stats.

4. By simply adjusting your product or service to attract other targeted audiences, you create a wider net to catch more online sales. Think outside the box. Sometimes it's as easy as tweaking your site, or adding on to it. Have others that you mastermind with make suggestions. So much of what we do in business is striving for objectivity to what we are doing. Often we are missing a big chunk of new, available markets.

You can buy ad space in other products such as ebooks, ezines within a certain niche, and subscription sites, to name a few. It's often less costly than many other types of Internet advertising and marketing.

5. Market yourself or business as a professional, and an expert. Just like in life, your stance and how you come off leaves an impression on people, so to should your Internet business. We are all looking for those we can respect and learn from.

You can get published; let people know what you've accomplished. Be authentic and you will gain the trust and the sale of future customers.
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