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Business Savvy Advice: Outsource your Shipping

Jun 9, 2008
With the world-wide web connecting businesses around the globe, shipping has become an increasingly important industry. After all, the web can move information, pictures and sound in a matter of seconds, but tangible goods still move along channels of land, ocean and air. If your business requires a lot of shipping, it would be worth your time to find the most affordable rates as possible; especially with the rising cost of gas. One of the easiest ways to get the best rates is to hire an outside company to handle all your shipping needs. These companies are a wise investment for several reasons.

Reason #1
The first reason to outsource your business shipping needs is that it can save you money. A well-established and reliable shipping company can usually move your freight with less time and money than you could manage on your own. This is partly due to their experience and partly due to the relationships that they have established with truckers, warehouses, and ports around the globe.

Reason #2
The second reason to outsource your shipping needs is that it can simplify your life and free up valuable time. You can wipe your hands of dealing with customs, pick-up times, brokers, duties, taxes, delivery schedules, and bills of lading by handing the logistics to someone else.

Reason #3
The third reason to outsource your business shipping needs is that consistent shipping performance can help establish your credibility. After all, deliveries need to be made to the right places by the set time or you will have some disgruntled customers. If shipments are lost, damaged or late, your customers will probably go to someone else with their business.

Finding the Best Company
If you are interested in all these benefits, the next step is finding a good company. There are hundreds of freight brokers who would be happy to have your business, but they certainly aren't created equal. Consequently, you need to make an informed and selective decision. To find a reliable company, evaluate what they have to offer by way of experience, customer service and competitive pricing.

Experience consists of more than a number years on the job. You should ask questions about the kind of freight they have moved in the past, the countries they have shipped in or out of, and the knowledge they have of the industry as a whole. For example, can they handle either domestic or international shipping? If the company you find can move anything, anytime and anywhere using land, sea and air, they probably have enough experience under their belt to meet your needs.

Customer Service
In the shipping industry, customer service requires good communication, reliability and flexibility. The flexibility is often a side-product of their experience and their reliability is a simple matter of doing what they say. The communication aspect of customer service is an area where many businesses can improve. It requires time because every business has unique needs. This means that every transaction is unique and a shipping company will have to do a lot of ground work to find the most affordable way to meet your needs. Once the research is done, they should also be willing to explain the options you have and why certain choices are better (safer or more affordable) than others. If a company provides good customer service, they should be easy to contact, easy to work with and easy to understand.

There are a lot of factors that influence shipping rates. Size, weight, speed, distance and the carrier you choose are just a few. A good company can consistently match up the freight you are sending with the best shipping plan. This, in turn, will be reflected in competitive prices.
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Landmark Logistics is a company that large and small businesses alike have come to trust for domestic and international shipping . They provide competitive prices and extraordinary customer service. For more information visit http://www.landmark.pro/. The author, Aiya Quinn, is a freelance writer.
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