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What You Should Know About Multi-Level-Marketing Success

Jun 9, 2008
If you are new to network marketing, you probably have more questions than answers. For most MLM newbies, the top three include:

1) How do I choose best MLM opportunity?
2) How will I be able to tell if an MLM is legitimate?
3) What is the quickest and most effective to build a profitable downline?

Fortunately, there are many who have walked this path before you. Through traditional network marketing models like 'affiliate marketing', the answers to these questions, and the ticket to generating income on the Internet is within your grasp.

In truth, multi-level-marketing and affiliate marketing are mirror images of each other. Both exist on the foundational concept of paying referrers a commission for sales. The only true difference between the two is structure. In general, the multi-level-marketing program's commission structure offers greater depth, extending far beyond first and second-tier referrals.

The fact of the matter is that you can evaluate any multi-level-marketing program by interrogating it in the same way you would an affiliate program. Here are a list of questions that, if used properly, will serve as the key to unlocking your door to success. This information will provide you with the answers you've been seeking.

Five Important Tips for Success in Multi-Level-Marketing:

1. Does this MLM target a profitable niche?

If you are selling a product nobody wants to buy, no amount of marketing skill will lead to success. You first need to find a company that is selling products consumers are itching to own. A company that can't keep its products on the shelf is a company with lots of disposable income, and that means profit for you.

2. Is there a good enough payout?

A successful affiliate marketer is one who seeks out generous commissions. If this is your goal, you should do the same. Make sure your program of choice offers a good enough commission at every level to make building a downline worth your time.

3. Does the company give enough support to its own representatives?

If your job looks hard, who is going to want to do it? Look for programs that give you the tools you need to promote your products easily; only then can you motivate others to want to take a leadership role in your business opportunity.

4. Can I use the Internet to set up a lead generation system?

The Internet is the best way to generate leads for your program. If you don't have the ability to market your program on your own website, you are missing out on a convenient way to collect and follow up on a word of leads.

5. Is it possible to automate the program?

Automation saves time, and time is money. Your MLM should offer you the opportunity to leverage your time through automation. For example, use automation as a means to allow your customers to order products with ease, and of course, adding members to your team should be as seamless and hands free as possible.

One final tip: Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for ways to multiply your profits in the long term. A great way to do this is to develop your own list of targeted leads. Through this list, you will be able to promote your programs to existing customers. In this way, you can make your leads work twice for you, by 're-recruiting' members of your existing program to become the downline of your next program!
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Roy Chan is a business consultant. He started his online venture since 2004, focusing on creating systematic approach for fellow internet marketers to better market their products and services on the internet.
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