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Lead Generation Tips for Website Owners

Jun 9, 2008
If you are in marketing, you know the importance of reaching exactly the market you want is if you are going to maximize sales of your product or service. You can use websites as a tool for gathering leads at very small costs to yourself: read on for some tips on generating leads with a website.

First off, make a newsletter which you can distribute via email (especially by autoresponder) and have an opt-in form for this in a visible place on your website. Having a regular means of communication with potential customers keeps your brand in the lead's consciousness. Mailing which contain entertaining and/or informative content will keep the interest of these persons, creating the conditions for them to feel comfortable making a purchase from you.

Any time that you have a new product or service to offer, you need to inform your email list with a message about this. Have a link to your site included in this email; this will make it all the easier for potential customers to buy (and make it more likely as well).

You'll want to have a landing page which has information on new products prior to their availability to the public. This will build interest in new offerings before the launch date. A link to this page should be included with email updates about new products. You can have a second opt-in form on this page for people who want to learn more about these new products and services. You will then have a list of potential customers for this new product; also, you can find out before a product launches if there is in fact demand for it.

Offer a giveaway item to your visitors; an ebook or something else which is also deliverable by email, this will increase the size of your opt-in list. If you can write some copy implying that this is an urgent situation, this can get buyers to act quickly and sign up before they forget.

A marketing strategy which can yield great results for low investment is to get in contact with your target market, such as joining discussion groups and social networking groups which are made up of this demographic. This will allow you to get inside the heads of your target market and evaluate what sorts of products or services there is demand for. You can use what you learn to fine tune your site also, when you post on these forums, etc you can include your website address as your signature, getting your brand into the minds of your target market.

An autoresponder is a good way to keep in contact with potential buyers. You can get an autoresponder service or software for a reasonable cost. This will keep a handle on this task and can send out messages on a schedule set by you.

Website owners can use these tools to generate a lot of leads for their business and also get much more traffic to their site, all at little or no cost.
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