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4 Ways to Boost Your Profits By Building A Huge Email List

Jun 9, 2008
The value of a large opt-in list is usually grossly understated. It is never good enough to simply be making sales from your affiliate products. Failing to compile a fresh mailing list will result in lack luster or stagnant sales.

Obtaining a list allows you to keep in contact with your visitors and build a relationship with them. If properly done, this can convert a high percentage of your prospects into customers. So what does it take to build a great list quickly and easily? Here are some useful tips:

* Offer incentives when possible for people to leave their name and email address. Having an incentive program is an effective way to get people to opt into your list. Offering a special report or free e-book is a very effective and easy to implement. To get the best results, it is always helpful to give them something for signing into your list. This tip alone can easily double the number of sign ups you have.

Many people try to accomplish their list building without offering any kind of incentive for signing up which can be a huge mistake. Finding quality incentives is so easy it only makes sense to offer one.

* Include a privacy policy. Many people do not opt-in is because they are afraid they will be spammed. Everyone abhors spam. Give your website visitor a guarantee that you will not share or sell their email address with anyone. This will make a huge difference in he number of opt-ins you receive.

* Create many tightly targeted lists. Few people understand the power of a targeted list. By offering different lists on one site you dramatically increase the chance for people opting into your list. One of the lists could be for periodic updates, another could include a tips letter that your market would find helpful, while another could be for a newsletter. No matter what they choose, you get their email address.

Think about things that your market might be most interested in and offer that information on that topic or, at a minimum, access to it on your site. If you do not provided several options that person would have signed up for nothing. Two or three options are plenty.

* Be sure to make all your lists double opt-in. Double (or Verified) opt-in lists require people to first sign up on your site, and then activate their subscription by replying to a confirmation email. There are many good reasons to use the double opt-in format. First of all, it will take away any chance of being labeled a spammer. You can show definitive proof that people actually did requested your emails.

Also, a double opt-in list will generally have higher quality readers, rather than those from a singe opt-in list. The reason for this is because since these subscribers are interested in your messages enough to reply to the confirmation email, they are much more serious about what you offer. Therefore, they will be more responsive to what you have to offer when compared to those who half-heartedly sign up for your list without a lot of interest. Having a high quality list is absolutely critical to making substantial sales.

By putting the methods mentioned in this article into practice on your website, you will be able to build a huge, high quality list in a relatively short period. I have used all of the methods mentioned here and they work very well. If you use them, you will find they will work for you as well.
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