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Google Adwords Marketing Tips to Increase Sales

Jun 9, 2008
Learning how to sell products with pay per click advertising can be both cost effective and highly profitable if you know what you are doing. It is also very easy unfortunately to spend an enormous amount of money fast without making any sales. There are many strategies you can employ with pay per click advertising however learning how to master the adwords system from Google is most important.

Unfortunately, most pay per click providers suffer from great levels of click fraud and invalid clicks. Google is probably the best at determining invalid clicks and not charging you for them which is why it may be best initially to stick with them until you are very successful and can afford to try the other search engines. Here are a few tips to help you succeed with adwords:

Tip 1: Pay less for clicks

It is tempting to bid high so as to try to get more clicks however your goal is to make money not spend it all on advertising. Unless the keywords you are targeting are very targeted then it is not smart to bid high. In most cases you will want to settle with the minimum bid and also be sure to not bid any higher than 5 cents a click for the content network as it is less targeted.

Tip 2: Build a list

You need to find a way to collect every visitors e-mail address. This might mean that you need to offer some kind of bonus or maybe offer major discount notifications via e-mail to encourage visitors to give you their e-mail address. The bottom line is to get the e-mail address so that you can market to them in the future. Use cheap content network clicks to build your list.

Tip 3: Delete or optimize all poor or inactive ranked keywords

You need to check your campaigns and keywords regularly to make sure that they are not inactive or being ranked with a poor quality score. You can activate the quality score feature by enabling it from the dropdown menu in the keywords section of each ad group. If a keyword becomes inactive and requires an unusually high bid to activate then simply delete it and you can try to optimize it using a different ad group with a more targeted landing page.

Tip 4: Use conversion tracking

Knowing which keywords are actually making you sales and income is critical. It is easy to use conversion tracking as all you need to do is add some code to the thank you pages that your customers will see after they purchase from you. If you are an affiliate marketer then ask your merchant if they can kindly add the code to their pages, many will comply if you ask.

Tip 5: Build large and relevant keyword lists

If you follow tip number one and bid as low as possible then you will need a large keyword list to get as many cheap clicks as possible. The first tool you should use is the free keyword tool provided in your adwords account and build an initial list from the website content feature. Be sure to only select relevant keywords that are likely to convert. You do not need to focus on ultra targeted keywords but they should be at least relevant. Once you have an initial list then search for more keywords by entering each one from the list and digging deeper for more long tailed keywords. Finally also add the exact matched and phrase matched version of each keyword to your ad group. Try some of these adwords strategies to help you make more money online.
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