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MLM - Hogwash or Viable Work From Home Opportunity?

Jun 9, 2008
In today's economy most people are having to find other sources of income besides their 9to5. Not just for future savings..but to have money to pay bills, go out to eat, pay for gas, or just to be able to have little weekend fun.
Have you made that decision to find a way to make some extra income? Have you looked into starting a home business?

There are so many options...some are real, some are a bunch of hogwash, some will take a ton of hours to get going, some will take a ton of start-up capital. How do you know which way to go?

As we did our research, we found an MLM, or Network Marketing Company was a possible great source for extra income. It is becoming more mainstream as I talk about later in the article and a smart business decision.

What makes a great Net work Marketing Company? What makes it a good choice for you?

My wife and I asked this question when we first considered this opportunity as a business. Like many of you, what we knew (or thought we knew) about Network Marketing was all wrong. My wife especially, did not want me getting into business to 'sell' to her friends and family a product no one needs until I talked them into it. As we started our research on this company and network marketing we found some amazing things!

Some of the leading economists, financial analysts, and wealthiest people in the world either own or support Network Marketing as a career and teach it is a smart choice for a smart retirement. When I heard that Paul Zane Pilzer projects that over the next ten years, the US economy will create ten million new millionaires - and many of them will be in the Network Marketing and Health and Wellness industry - I knew I was in the right place at the right time, with the right business and the right company! We found a company that had both!

As I kept on my path to justify my choice of network marketing as my next career, I found an interview with Frank Maguire for the Networking Times magazine. Frank worked with JFK in the White House, helped Fred Smith start Fed Ex and helped Colonel Sanders run KFC. He has quite the history in business and quite the network of friends! Here is what he said about Network Marketing:

"I think network marketing is potentially the greatest economic opportunity that has ever existed. Network Marketing is turning off the spotlight of working for a corporation and turning on the floodlight of the greatness that we all have within us. I love what you're doing in network marketing because you're creating an opportunity to affect the self-esteem of many , many people. You're giving people hope and providing a launching pad for people to discover their own greatness. You Are the future."

That made me stop and think....if all these people I respect in the business world from Robert Kiyosaki to Paul Zane Pilzer to Frank Maguire, are standing behind network marketing as a truly viable way to get out of the rat race and prepare for my retirement...then I really need to fall in love with it! ....not just the product!

There are many highly reputable companies that have been built on this marketing and distribution structure. Many people across the world are turning to MLM's because they can work from home, bring in significant extra income, have residual income for retirement, and enjoy life! It really isn't just the pie in the sky dream that found me leaning more and more to an MLM. As I watched my good friend from church go from making a couple hundred a month when he first joined, to now (2 years later) making well over $25k MONTHLY...I realized this is possible! My friend is no one special - wait - not that he is no one special, but he is not different from me or you. I knew if he could do it, I could do it.

When we got started, my wife and I made a commitment to give it the time and attention deserved, and we would not stop or look back no matter what anyone said to us. My first check was $285 in one week, then from there is continued to slowly, steadily grow and within 1 year I was making $1500 weekly. Not bad for part time income!

When I was first doing research to determine if this company was right for me from a business perspective I found there were 5 Keys to a Successful Company:

1. Right Product - You must have a product that is special - one you can't just pick up anywhere. It should be consumable and people should love it regardless of being able to make money! It should be around for a long time and not just a fad.

2. Strong Company with a Strong Management Team - 90% of all network marketing companies fail within their first 2 years. You don't want to invest your precious time and resources in something that may not be in business next month.

3. Great Timing - Is the type of business related to any current trends, does it benefit people of all ages. Does it impact our aging society?

4. Exceptional Compensation Plan - can you generate immediate income? Can you build it part time while still working your full time job? Are the 'financial freedom' levels achievable for anyone who truly puts their heart into it?

5. There should be a 'cause'! Is there something bigger for people to be a part of? Does the company have values, integrity? Does it encourage its distributors to help leave a legacy and do something not only good for their family but good for the world?

Take a good long hard look at Network Marketing not only as a great retirement plan, but a great way to get through these slow economic times!
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