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Get More Productive Online With Broadband Internet

Jun 9, 2008
Broadband Internet is an advanced and revolutionary technology that has allowed high-speed and efficient Internet service and connectivity. It is distinct in its operation from any other from of communication channel or network. In the ordinary base or narrow-band connection used in normal telephone lines, the fastest speed for transmission of data, even after using a speed modem, is only 56 kbps. Advanced technology in broadband allows a substantial amount of information to be carried and processed simultaneously at a faster rate. This leads to greater connectivity or web access, and higher download speeds. The Federal Communication Commission describes broadband as an Internet connection with a download speed higher than 200 kbps. The actual speed, however, can be as high as 256kbps, if not more.

The broadband internet or broadband access is getting popular among users to operate information on the desktop or laptop computer. The broadband technology handles the user's operations with a speed ranging from 64kbits to 1.0Mbits. The high-speed connection offers seamless connectivity with excellent results.

Most subscribers provide a 24-hour service for a flat monthly price. The T1 and T3 type of broadband connection is generally accessed by large business houses and universities. These oldest forms of broadband connections are the most efficient, but are also the most expensive. Access to broadband Internet connections is dependent on one's geographical location. Although distance doesn't usually affect speed and efficiency, the availability of infrastructure is a problem in remote rural areas and while one is traveling.

Broadband technology has been applied to the realm of communications also - with very positive results. With broadband internet, it has become very easy to chat and connect with near and dear ones at significantly lower rates. Moreover, the speed is 10 times faster compared to the dial-up connection that allows users to access information in a fraction of seconds. The high-speed connection does not get disconnected during peak hours also.

The higher communication class of a broadband connection utilizes more frequencies than a POTS line, allowing for the faster transmission of data. In addition to these added frequencies, broadband internet such as a cable connection simply has more fiber. A coax is a larger line than a POTS line and can carry more data faster. More fiber almost always means faster speeds.
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