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PPC Management UK - What to Expect

Jun 9, 2008
Using some highly concentrated online marketing PPC campaign is a great strategy for improving sales in the UK. But occasionally the necessary time to manage a PPC campaign is just too much to handle without some outside help. If you reach this point, there are several available PPC management companies in the UK that offer varying types of campaign management service. This article talks about what they offer.

When a company offers PPC campaign management, they are usually offering to do 3 things for you. First, they will do a careful keyword analysis for keyword and keyword phrases related to your industry. Most access similar information to do this, and therefore will draw up similar results. The PPC management UK company will attempt to create the best possible mix of high-volume keywords and very targeted keywords, giving your campaign some diversity and, ultimately, giving it the best chance for success.

Secondly, the majority of PPC management companies will provide you the option of writing your own ads, or writing them for you. If you choose to have the company do it, they will likely charge by the keyword groups that your keywords are formulated into, as each will require a slightly different ad. This improves the relevance of your ads, and the chances that prospects will click on your ads. Perhaps more importantly, specific ads will increase your backend conversion rate once prospects are at your site.

Lastly, PPC management companies will offer to manage and track every aspect of your PPC advertising campaign and report these results back to you. This is probably the most valuable service to most companies, because it saves them so much time. Continually monitoring a PPC campaign and making the appropriate adjustments can be an extremely arduous and time-consuming task.

So should you utilize a PPC management UK company? If you are rolling out a very small campaign, then the answer is probably no. On a limited scale, it may be best to simply conduct your own campaign. But if your campaign is a little big larger, then employing the services of a PPC management company can be a great way to optimize your campaign and save yourself a lot of time in the process. Just remember that most of these companies will charge you twice. First, you will be charged an initial set up fee based on the number of keywords you decide to use. Then, you will be charged a percentage of the money you spend on PPC. Though this varies, it is usually about 20%. If your margins are smaller than this, then using a PPC management UK company may not be cost effective.
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