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Jun 9, 2008
The bloodline of the internet are the websites. The internet won't be as powerful as it is right now without the individual websites in operation all across the globe. On an estimate, there are around 40 million websites up and running these days. And all of them need content in order to thrive. Content is what composes the whole website - articles, images, database, scripts. It is everything you see the moment you visit an online site.

Web masters know for a fact that they need fresh content on a regular basis if they want new visitors everyday. Today, websites are dynamic. It means that the website can be updated as frequently as the web master requires. Gone were the days of static websites. Their use is now limited to corporate sites that don't need to be updated very often. Static websites can't be changed easily. To update them, you have to make some modifications in its page coding using an html editing software.

If you want to promote your own site, product, or service, it is best that you capitalize on this need of webmasters. Marketing viral web content is a very effective method of bringing traffic to your own site through the marketing efforts of another website.

One good example of this technique is by submitting articles to free article directories. An article is a type of website content. And most web masters needs to publish new articles daily so that they acquire a good subscribers base. If they fall short in their daily article requirement, they can simply go to article directories from time to time for help.

The deal with the articles appearing on such directories is this: you can freely use them for any purpose you desire, provided that you publish the article in its entirely without any changes or modifications. And that you are to include the author's name, his links, affiliates, and sources as listed in the resource box.

The moment webmasters publish your article together with the link to your site on their web page, that's when viral marketing begins. More people with start to visit your site because they saw it from another. And so for as long as your content stays there, free traffic would be directed to your site without any effort on your part.

You are not limited to marketing viral articles to increase your website's traffic. The promotion of other content is equally effective. You can provide free scripts, web applications, image, graphics, and similar things. And you will be surprised with the amount traffic that you get.
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