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Warehouse Inventory Management Software: Easier To Keep Track

Jun 9, 2008
Once a company has grown large enough to need a warehouse, one will notice that inventory will begin to be misplaced, damaged, and just plan missing. This is a problem intrinsic to having a large inventory, and that is why companies large enough to need a warehouse should invest in warehouse inventory management software.

Loss of stored inventory is a major problem for sizes of companies. The more products that are kept in the warehouse, the harder it is to keep track of inventory. Small amounts of product can trickle out the door without anyone noticing. Such worker theft is thought to cost businesses in the US as much as $15 billion each year.

Unless you keep track of your stock properly, you can end up ordering too much. If you are unable to ascertain whether any of a product is still available, refills of that product may be ordered when it has actually just been misplaced on the incorrect shelf or moved to be used for demonstration. Without access to inventory software, a worker who doesn't recognize the merchandise or its packaging could sell or send out an incorrect product, resulting in a client's annoyance.

There are tangible business benefits to warehouse inventory management software. Being able to tell customers exactly what you have in-stock breeds customer loyalty and appreciation and reduces refunds and misunderstandings. Also, inventory management software can reduce the amount of time it takes you to find items and fill orders, which greatly increases customer satisfaction.

Warehouse inventory management software works best if you confirm your inventory by performing a count. Companies do this in a variety of ways. Some companies perform inventories on a monthly basis while other perform inventories on a quarterly basis. Stores that are part of larger corporations, but who maintain their own inventory, may have surprise inventory days. When this happens, a manager from another location will perform the count, either on his or her own, or using employees from the counted store. This limits the ability to hide theft.

Significant losses to your company can occur when one of the problems we discussed here takes place and is not fixed quickly. Warehouse inventory software ensures that your customers are happy, and will assist in stopping any losses, and help to increase your profits.

Product loss from the warehouse can be a big problem for both small and large companies. If you are unable to ascertain whether any of a product is still available, refills of that product may be ordered when it has actually just been misplaced. To avoid these situations as a manager, you need a warehouse inventory management software installed in your company. Another advantage with this software is that you can quickly find the items that your customers are asking. This will increase their satisfaction resulting in big business for your company.
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