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Product Launching - Keep Your Eyes Wide Open

Jun 9, 2008
So you've developed a product and you have high hopes for the success of this venture. Those who have tested the product love its design and function and you're excited about what the future might hold.

The truth is you have had several individuals ask if they can place a link to your site from theirs. Initially you are amazed at the response and readily agree. After all, this will help with link building strategies. It may surprise you to learn that I think your marketing vision may be too small.

If you have enthusiastic support from the start you might consider making their enthusiasm something to be rewarded.

Encourage those who are most interested in the initial launch to consider becoming an affiliate. This revenue sharing program will allow them to derive a portion of each sale of your product generated through their affiliate link.

We could all use some extra help when we either launch a business or a new product. Seek out those who may be most supportive and reward their loyalty.

Affiliate programs are the backbone of so many sites, but they aren't reserved only for big companies with lots of money. The growth of smaller businesses can be accelerated when affiliates pick up the torch and shine a light on your product.

I've come across some products that simply have such an extreme cool factor I am surprised there aren't more affiliates. It could be the site hasn't been very aggressive at recruiting affiliates or they aren't optimized for proper marketing visibility.

Affiliate revenue programs are a great way to improve your marketing impact. It also gives you the opportunity to reward those who believe enough in your product to refer their guests to your primary business site.

Launching your product will likely be recalled as a significant personal and business milestone. Using affiliates from the beginning can actually provide a sense of support and greater networking opportunities.

When affiliates are presented with residual payments they will likely remember both your product and your willingness to involve them in the success of your business. In so many ways your success becomes their success and when they thrive so do you.

Look for marketing potential in everything. When someone is especially enthusiastic about your product launch you should ask if you could use his or her glowing words as a testimonial. If someone has a problem with your product step in and quickly remedy their concern whenever possible. Leave them satisfied that you cared as much about them after the purchase as you did when the transaction was taking place.

If someone comes up with a unique use for the product ask them for more details and then pass it along to visitors giving full credit to the one who originated the information.

When you allow others to share in your success they will often reward you with loyalty and tremendous word of mouth advertising. People are often treated badly enough in certain transactions that finding someone that sells a quality product and really cares for the customer is worth getting excited about.

A product launch provides multiple opportunities for marketing and networking. Keep your eyes wide open.
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