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Can You Build A Simple Home Business On A PPC Affiliate Program

Jun 9, 2008
PPC is affiliate lingo for pay per click. In simple terms, a PPC program option is one of the most sought after affiliate programs today, only surpassed by a favorable ad impression program. If you are accepted as a pay per click affiliate, you will get paid each and every time that a visitor to your site sees affiliate link and clicks on it.

This is a far cry from the old way of doing business where payment would only be rendered if the click led to an actual sale. Thus, pay per click is considered online to be one of the easiest ways of making money yet the questions of whether or not you can build a business on a PPC affiliate program is not as easily answered in the affirmative as you might think.

There are serious limitations associated with a pay per click affiliate program, first and foremost the need for visitors that will visit your website in droves. The payouts are ridiculously small and in order to truly capitalize on this kind of program, you visitors must decide by the hundreds and the thousands to click the links that have them leaving your site only to land on the affiliate business website.

For smaller webmaster and also small business owners who rely on web traffic to sell their own products, this kind of affiliate program is the kiss of death. If you are successful in beefing up your website visitors but they leave your site to visit the other business, you may be remunerated with a couple of pennies for each visitor that does so, but conversely you do not know how many hundreds of dollars in sales you have lost on your site simply because you sent the visitor somewhere else.

Additionally, if you consider that those webmasters whose web traffic is more limited may not have so many folks clicking on the links and thus the payout may be delayed for months on end until a threshold is reached, the quick and ready cash that made these programs so desirable in the first place is not as achievable as was first assumed or perhaps represented by those all in favor of the program.

Yet it is still possible to build a business on a pay per click affiliate program if you have the savvy to set up a website with that stated goal in mind and have the wherewithal to execute it in such a way that the site will get copious visitors while at the same time be considered valuable enough to the search engines to rank it fairly high. You may be surprised to learn that the old way of doing business via the gateway site is no longer acceptable but a similar concept that is now heavily capitalizing on link ads embedded in article marketing methods have shown sufficient promise to have webmasters rethink and redo their sites in droves.

Before your alter the look, feel, and stated goal of your site, make sure you take the time to research not only the company that is offering the PPC affiliate program in which you are interested, but ensure that you are also well versed with consumer trends, consumer behavior and get a feel for what is hot and what is on its way out.
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