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5 Ways To Prospect In Mlm

Aug 17, 2007
Here is the real life truth in MLM.

About 95% of your downline will never earn you anything because they never talk to anyone about your business!
Most people are trying to build downlines with little or no success. Why?

If they enroll a few people in their first 3 months, those people quit or become inactive because they've run out of leads. When your downline run out of leads to contact, they get discouraged and quit the usiness! So will you! It doesn't have to be that way.

Here are some tactics of what I have found to be extremely effective increating leads and consistent people to call on. There are hundreds of ways to Prospect. These are just a few to get you started and on your way. Take one which appeals to you and start

[1] You must stress in every communication what the prospect has to GAIN from your offer, or what they will LOSE if they don't act today. You have less than 10 seconds to get their initial attention ...so write your words so they get YOUR attention...

[2] Your goal in Internet recruiting is to initially create a sense of curiosity and build from there... There is no need to have a ton of information in your initial message...whether in a classified ad, email, or ezine. You are trying to get them to do the "click here" motion...and understand...

[3] If you are going to be a SERIOUS recruiter on the net...you must get personal... You must include in your emails and special mailings, if at all possible, the name of the individual you are mailing to...why?

There is a 10 times more chance of them opening it up if you have there name on it then if not. There are newsletters out on the net teaching about how personalization is becoming a foundation principle of developing relationships on the internet. And there is
software that can do that for you...

[4] You must be persistent. You must also be consistent. Have you ever seen a downline or upline, or even yourself, jump from product to product. This is inconsistency and makes the road of success bumpy. It may even be your company offers so many products, you try this a little and have no quick results so you jump and try this other product or recruiting technique. Still no quick results so you jump again. Stop it!! Become consistent. You must be both
persistent and consistent.

[5] Have a plan. put together a plan of action. It must be balanced and be detailed. Don't just say my plan is 10 new customers or 10 new distributors. Your plan must be date specific and have sub-goals so you can track your progress. People don't plan to fail, they just fail to plan.

for example, Over the next year I plan to:

A. Increase my client base by at least 3 new clients each month. To do this, I will be talking more, and listening even more. I will be handing out more samples, and giving away a bit more product.

B. Increase my downline in width to include continuing to place newly sponsored people below those I've already sponsored. Thus building my team and theirs at the same time.

C. Directly sponsor at least 5 new people each month. To do this, will advertise online more, I will advertise locally more, I will talk more, and I will listen more!

To conclude, there are no guarantees here, but those people who INCREASE their advertising efforts will tend to rise to the top of the results tree. The victor is the person who can best explain his
opportunity and system to the new recruit and who can spend the most time, effort and money to promote his opportunity.
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