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How To Start A Craft Business

Jun 9, 2008
Your home base craft business can be easily operated from home. Most of your tools and components are generally small so that they are easy to store in a cupboard and can easily be transported around from room to room. Materials are generally non hazardous so storing them in your home will not be a great problem. To run your business you just need a room in your home or even just a part of a room to get started.

To go from hobbyist to professional will require a little adjustment in the beginning as you would have your workspace already setup and have been manufacturing already but on a smaller scale. As you increase your production you will also need to think out increasing your storage space.

You will need to consider where to set up your office so that you can take care of the running of the business. Try not to have your office and work room in the same room. The tasks are different and will require their own attention.

You're Confidence Level

An important part of building your business is your confidence, you need to have confidence in what you create. Believe that you can not only create the beautiful things that you do but also be able to sell them. You need to begin to change your mindset from being a person that creates a homemade product to a person that creates meticulous handcrafted products.

Handmade Products Are Sought-after

Handmade products provide customers with a quality item that is not mass produced; they are unique and can be personalized to suite an individual. Handcrafted products are normally sold at a premium as people are generally willing to pay for that unique and special item.

Do Your Research

What research do you have to do before you start your business? Here are some things you will need to look into to get an idea of how to set you your own craft business

- Make a list of the types of shops and galleries you would like to see your products sold in. Look at the type of customers that are in the shop and build yourself a customer profile.
- Attend your local markets, arts and craft shows and basically any events that would have a craft booth display set up. Take notes along the way for ideas. Talk to the exhibitors when they are not busy and tell them what you want to do, ask them about their experience both good and bad. They are the experts and generally will be willing to share their knowledge with you.
- Don't forget to take plenty of notes along the way so that you can review them later. Ideas will spring from your notes so write those down immediately as well. These notes will be the foundation of your business to come.
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