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Network Marketing Keys To Success

Jun 9, 2008
Location, location, location is what they say in real estate. When it comes to home based programs, it is all about marketing, marketing, marketing. When you have a large budget to market with, it is very easy to drive traffic to your website. But many people that jump into network marketing do not have much money at all. Free marketing is where it's at.

The way most people find success is not by joining a specific home based program, it's by working with a group of successful people that have a proven marketing system that you can follow and duplicate.

Free marketing is easier than ever now, here are some steps to follow:

1. Make videos, lots of videos. Videos can drive a lot of traffic to your website, especially when you use a free service like TubeMogul (they submit your videos to 15 different videos sharing sites at once). Videos not only drive traffic to your website, they also help attract people to what you are selling. You only have 10 seconds to grab someone's attention. Videos do a great job in creating an interest level and generating fresh leads. Some video sharing websites are YouTube, MetaCafe, DailyMotion and MySpace.

2. Craigslist is free and can also drive traffic to your website. It is time consuming to post ads, but since Craigslist is in the top 10 most visited websites on the Internet, chances are just by posting a couple of ads someone will see them and go to your website. Again, the key is to market as much as you can.

3. Free classified ads work too. There are many free sites where you can post classified ads. There are also services that can send your ads to hundreds of sites at once.

4. Article submission is a great way to build backlinks to your website. There are services that will submit your articles to thousands of publishers. Once a publisher picks up your article, it will be distributed to thousands or even hundreds of thousands of viewers.

5. Social networking sites like MySpace and FaceBook are a great way to setup a profile and push people to your website as well.

These are just the basics and a great way to start. As long as you never quit and keep marketing, you should be successful. Never let a day go by where you do not market, you have to be consistent. After you start getting momentum, everything starts snowballing and you will be on your way to becoming part of an elite group of network marketers that are truly successful. Then you will start to understand that 5 figures per month can be a reality and if 5 figures per month is a reality then 6 figures per month has to be a reality.
About the Author
Phil has over 10 years experience in Internet marketing and has helped countless people succeed at making money online.

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