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Thinking To Move From USA To Europe

Jun 9, 2008
We're thinking of moving to Europe. We have a network marketing business that we'd like to grow and the company is thinking about opening up a few European countries to do business in. I'm not sure which country will be first but I know there are three choices - we want to be among the first to go.

That's why we're starting now to do research on what the move will cost us. When I say us, I mean my boyfriend, Jake and me. First thing we do is Google international moving company. I put in my home country of USA and for the destination country I'll try each one of the three European possibilities.

The list of international moving companies for each country isn't that long five or six. While I collect their free quotes, I put Jake to work checking each international moving company's reputation on the Better Business Bureau and Epinion. I check their licenses and capabilities. We have two cars, a boat and two Great Danes to move, so I want to make sure they are able to move these things.

After completing each country's list of international moving companies, their reps and licenses and capabilities, we begin to look at real estate. Our top choices of international moving companies tell us they can actually put us in touch with a real estate agent. That's good to know for when the time comes to get serious about the move. It should be soon the announcement will probably come out within the next month.

I feel my excitement grow as I check out the real estate in each country. We decide not to sell our house here in the USA since we are planning on returning one day, maybe in five years, we'll just rent it out. Luckily for us, a friend and his wife and baby will rent it from us for now. Selling it is an option we may think about in the future. It all depends on how well we do in Europe. Historically, the first people in a country that is being opened up by a network marketing company end up insanely well off that is if the business takes off. This will take ingenuity, grit and a lot of hard work.

Jake and I are no stranger to hard work. We are both determined, and extremely dedicated to the company and growth of our business - a fact that has served us well so far.

We have thousands of people in our business, some as determined as we are to be a success. Their success equals our success, so to be successful in this business, you need to be very much a coach and mentor. Jake and I are both and the best thing is we continue to learn and grow.

If it is meant to be, we now feel prepared to move at a moment's notice.
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