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Search Engine Optimisation - A Checklist For Success!

Jun 9, 2008
By following this checklist you can make sure your business gets the online exposure it deserves.

1. Create a master plan for your site and your business - Your plan should include how the site will be run and what business goals you hope to achieve. When doing this, think in detail about how you intend to make your website stand out from the crowd and grab the attention of web users.

2. Find your target audience - One of the most crucial elements to optimisation is identifying your target audiences. It is important to know who your readership will be, how you will grab their attention and how you can keep them coming back for more.

3. Create a marketing plan - Publicity is an essential part to any business. Make sure you get the word out about your new ventures. This should include writing press releases for circulation amongst your established media connections, sending press releases to new media sources such as webzines and writing articles about your products and services. When writing an article, remember to include keywords which take people back to your website. You should also include your contact information and encourage questions to give readers the opportunity to respond.

4. Create a blog for your business - Blogs are a great way of making sure your website keywords are pulled up by search engines, keeping you at the top of their organic listings. When you have a blog, try to start relevant conversations, add posts and give links to useful data to keep your readers coming back for more. If the topic you discuss is important to people they will contact you about it, adding keywords to your site. You should also go on other blog pages and write about progressions in your business and the services you offer.

5. Build a mailing list - Allow readers of your blog to give their contact details and become members of your mailing list. Remember to respond to readers requests via email and let them know you care about them as a customer. This should increase your readership and give you more opportunities to sell your business.

6. Use incentives - Draw your customers in with your latest promotions and online campaigns. You can do this by offering free gifts, online discounts or by giving increased access to your site. People often search the web for free offers and by having some available you can generate more traffic for your site.

7. Work with a reputable company - Make sure the advertising company you use has good customer service and communication. Ask to see a portfolio of their successes and judge whether they are suited to optimising your business. Be wary of companies which ask for money up front, make guarantees on where you will appear in search listings or claim to have special relations with search engine websites. As with any business deal, judge the company on their achievements rather than what they claim they can do for you.
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This article was written by David Clarke an internet marketing consultant and partner at DBS who offer UK 0800 number and UK 0845 number services.
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