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Move My Family And My Buisness

Jun 9, 2008
There are no other words to describe it. Massacred is the only word that fits what happened to us. Corporate Relocation is what has to happen.

I am a small business owner in Boston, Mass correction WAS a small business owner in Boston until a giant corporation swooped in and destroyed me. At first I was devastated. But I've had time to think it through and decided that I am not a quitter. I will go through a corporate relocation somewhere else in the New England States.

But where? Corporate relocation would also involve moving my family, so wherever we relocate has to be okay with them. My wife is a big part of my business and so we begin investigating.

First thing my wife suggests we do is Google corporate relocation. To my surprise there are virtual tools available that will create detailed statistical, informative and professional-looking reports that contain key geographical and demographic information according to what fits our needs. I decide it will eliminate a lot of the guess work which will help us make faster, more informed decisions about our corporate relocation.

We decide to run queries on household dwelling values, origin and language, travel to work, weather, income levels, age and gender, local landmarks, education levels and religion, to start with. The information we gather will help us to decide whether or not our type of business will do well in whatever city we have chosen. Not only that, it will give our whole family a good idea if we'd like to live there.

We then find that there are relocation services available to us and our employees. A relocation consultant would coordinate all the aspects of the corporate relocation giving us:

* Professional support throughout the relocation
* Access to the best suppliers
* A relocation that stays on schedule and on budget
* Cost control and assistance in tax minimization
* Reduced stress and a smooth transition

Sounds good to me!

Something called a Relocation Purchase Card will supply our employees with a secure, easy to use payment product that has no fees and incorporates several security features including a declining balance, supplier specific category control, detailed tracking and monitoring capabilities.

It eliminates the need for reimbursement of out of-pocket expenses and allows them to access a relocation allowance faster. Plus, with the assistance of the relocation representative, their budgets will be maximized to obtain the best possible results.
Benefits to Our Company
* Ideal enhancement to expense management programs
* Ability to block specific suppliers
* Quick and convenient upload of relocation funds
* Unlimited allocation of funds
* No activation or annual fees
Benefits to our Relocating Employees
* Eliminate hassle of out-of-pocket expense reimbursement
* 24/7 real-time access to card balance information
* Convenient for domestic, US and international moves
* Relocation counseling and support

From this research we discovered that we are not alone and that with a little help, we will survive the Boston Massacre.
About the Author
Nir Dotan is a writer and promoter of International Moving services, and
International Shipping Local as well as International Moving.
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