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Defining Leadership Characteristics

Jun 10, 2008
Defining leadership characteristics are not simple. This is because each leader has his own characteristics.Influencing team members to work hard and stay committed to achieve the overall organizational goals are necessary attributes of a leader. A leader falls into to categories, task oriented or people oriented. Task oriented leader will be interested in training, performance and in winning. Whereas a people oriented leader will concentrate more on interpersonal relationship

A leader must possess certain characteristics which he wants to incorporate into his team. The essential qualities of a leader are discipline, self confidence etc. As he is the role model for the followers, his movement will be keenly watched by others. Consequently, when performing everday task a leader must be careful, becasue he is constantly be observed.

Leaders are not born but made by hard work. Important leadership characteristics are work ethic and intelligence. A leader must make decisions after analyzing each and every aspect of the situation and must be able to use common sense in accomplishing complex tasks. Selecting the right strategy to tackle the situation is a must for a leader. Adaptability to various situations and willingness to accept changes are crucial to leadership.

Being able to motivate his team members to achieve success is another trait of a good leader. He must create excitement and confidence in accomplishing a task. His subordinates must feel as like he is easy to approach. A great leader is one who is a master in the art of communication. He must be ready to listen to the words of his team members. Essential in leadership is two way communication.

Pushing the entire effort of his team is a must for any leader. Using the full potential of each member should be within his capacity. To prove their skills, he must give opportunities to each team member.

A great leader is one who guides a team and not rules the team. Providing a trusting and open environment to the team members is one of the crucial leadership characteristics. He should offer an environment to the team members to where they can learn and grow. An excellent leader will have the strong sense of vision.

A good leader must have the following characteristics, aside from the above characteristics mentioned:

1. Self esteem - A leader must have the important quality of self esteem to help face tough challenges.

2. Need to achieve - a leader must be goal oriented and must be able to strive hard to achieve the goals. Taking risks is in his nature. A good leader is one who takes moderate and but not extreme risks.

3. Screening for opportunity - a leader must have the ability to screen the opportunities as useful and useless. He must also be able to grasp any small opportunity missed by his competitors.

4. Optimism - Being an optimist is a must characteristic. Have the ability to see problems as challenges. Views an obstacle as a way to a new direction.

5. Courage - one who has courage to face challenges is a trait of an outstanding leader. Risk taking is a crucial characteristic of a leader. Also, having the ability to make changes and to accept changes.
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