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7 Lies Of Network Marketing - A Review

Jun 10, 2008
In this new 7 Lies Of Network Marketing review I will set out exactly what I think about Ann Sieg's controversial free report.

Ann's report sure has provoked some hot responses across the MLM world. Those with top positions in established companies may be furious. But those who are failing to make any serious income with traditional methods are full of enthusiasm.

Are you struggling with your MLM business? - If so, you are not alone! Take a look at these disturbing statistics:

- Some 90% of distributors will quit within the first 3 months. The most common reason? It's too hard and too expensive.

- More than 95% will quit within the first 12 months.

- Even more worrying, around 80% never sponsor a single new recruit into their business. Most of the others sponsor one or two people who quickly drop out.

If you find these figures worrying, then you are right to feel that way! Ann Sieg has blown the lid off facts that many experienced MLMers have suspected, but have been afraid to face up to. She exposes all of the 'lies' that are passed down from our uplines about how to grow a successful network marketing business.

When I first heard about 'The 7 Great Lies Of Network Marketing' I will admit that I expected just another MLM basher. In fact, it is not that at all. Ann Sieg is an extremely successful network marketer who has broken through the barriers of the 'lies' that she was taught and gone on to show others how to really make money in network marketing.

MLM can be an amazing way to achieve financial success and independence. However, as the statistics show, the vast majority of people give up before they have hardly started. Why? Because they are still being shown methods that went out of date in the 1990s.

"There's no selling ... everybody is your prospect ... your business will be built for you ... anyone can do this ..." Do these statements sound familiar? This report exposes them as myths. But successful network marketers do exist - and you could be the next. Start by picking up Ann's free report from the link in the next paragraph.
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If you are sick and tired of hunting down prospects and harassing relatives then you need to read Ann Sieg's the 7 great lies of network marketing. Pick up the free report here: www.7liesofnetworkmarketingfree.com
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