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Solid Reasons To Start Your Home Business

Aug 17, 2007
The internet is now, literally, an international financial freedom show.

Sadly, some will never pursue the path of personal and financial freedom.

This is so tragic with abundant opportunities coming out everyday that almost anyone could make work if they started them part time and then just grew them until they were satisfied with the size of their home or apartment business.

Personal reasons and professional reasons and situations are largely the way in which a business from home gets started.

Many people started with an ad they saw in the classifieds in a newspaper and grew from there. Is this you?

Whatever ones type of business might consist of, there are many great reasons to start a business from home.

Escape from Day Care of the Children While Working

It can arguably be said that one of the most often cited reasons to start a business from home is so that one or both parents can stay at home with the children. They do this while earning an income at the same time.

Some individuals shy away from day care facilities, as they would like the best of both worlds by working and caring for their children at the same time.

Do you want to see your little boy and girl take their first step with your own eyes? Really now?

Or do you want to hear about their first step from an excited day care worker calling you at work from a day care facility? Yuk!

Many home based businesses make this possible by allowing the parent to be in the house with their children and pay the bills as well.

You will have something interesting to do after the children grow up and move out of your house also.

They might even learn to be home business workers from you! Sound good? Let us keep going here and make some hay.

Little or No Overhead Costs in some areas

An individual who works from home may also choose this business route as it allows them to expend little or no overhead on business expenses in some areas.

Although many individuals will have to pay some extra costs associated with their business expenses, it is undoubtedly more economical to work from home than rent an office building and hired help elsewhere.

Hired help can drive you nuts also. The ones who will care the most about your business will be you and your family. That is it.

Are you beginning to see why so many big businesses are run by family members even if the business is over a hundred years old? I bet you do now. Who really cares about it the most?

Also, by starting a home business, the business owner is already paying utility bills anyway so this too will reduce the overhead costs.

Taxes are one of your new partners when you start a home business. I promise that you will learn about this real quick.

No Road Rage Commute to Worry About

You will surely appreciate the fact that you have no commute which you have to deal with at the beginning and end of the workday.

These are very dangerous times, on the road, everyday as frustrated, rushed and angry men and women are on the road, during pre and post common work hours, and are dangerous to themselves and others.

More traffic deaths than we can remember have been when innocent and emotional workers are driving to and from work during rush hours. Do you want to continue to be a part of this? I did not think so.

When we start a business from home and have a home office we will not have to worry about commuting and dealing with all of the headaches and hassles that go along with such a thing like high gas prices, traffic and wear and tearing emotions on us and our cars.

However, you do need to get out of the house, at least one hour every day so you do not get house and emotion and brain tied up. This is very important. Okay?

Faster and Smoother Time Efficient Alternative

If we choose to start a business from home, we will also surely find that it is a time efficient alternative to the usual work environment. You will pick up at least five personal prime time hours per week when you go full time.

This is 260 hours a year. What can you accomplish in 260 hours a year?

Not only will the individual save time on the work commute but they will also find that they can eat lunch at home which saves time by not having to venture out to find a meal during the day.

We will be less tempted to eat junk food to trash our health, teeth and general looks also.

Can Work Anywhere Around the Clock If One So Chooses

Do you sometimes wake up at two or three in the morning and feel energized? With a home business you will have a way to get this powerful positive energy out and not sit around bored. Pretty neat, huh?

Is that clear? You are able to work during your prime time for yourself. You can do this even when you are just part time and starting out at it rather than watching late night infomercials.

You will Be your own infomercial. How about that?

One last great reason to start a business from home is that it enables the business owner to work around the clock if they so desire.

I do not want you to do this though. However, you will always have something to do when you are bored and need an energy outlet.

Remember to give time and attention to your spouse, children and pets who are totally committed to this with you also. Totally. They are the purpose of this.

Let them know about all your little and big successes and failures along the way so they genuinely are a part of it.

Let them rejoice and suffer with you through it all. This is called building a family. Nice? Your psyche will grow stronger also.

For example, should the business owner need to finish up some paperwork after dinner, all he or she will need to do is to walk over to their home office and take care of the issue.

Have dinner with your family, Not at your work area. Important point.

You can let your beagle come over, wag a tail and say hi or, heaven above, have your little girl sitting on your lap while you crank out the entrepreneurship details.

You like? I thought you would. Lots better than cranky, stupid bosses breathing down your neck, is it not?

The 24-hour availability of the business from home provides convenience for the business owner.

If there is a business heaven this is definitely it. I bet you see why now.
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