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How To Create An Ebook Product In A Week

Jun 10, 2008
First of all, remember that you should not spend a lot of time on product creation. Spend most of your time in marketing it.

Here is step by step a tested method to create a hot ebook product. Product creation costs are zero.

First of all find some 10 experts in a particular niche you are familiar with. This niche has to be something you love. This is not how to find a niche article, but let just say you need to pick up something you are familiar with.

Where do you find the experts?

Experts can be authors of several articles. Check in popular article directories, try to find the best authors, which have the best articles. See user ratings or any comments if possible to judge who are the best.

Then contact each one of them. You can do this by any way you can, usually by emailing them, even though using the phone is the best option always. It is more personal. Since not all of them will reply, it is a good idea to contact more than ten. The recommended number is twenty.

What do you tell them in your email?

Tell them you want to use their articles in an ebook you are creating. Let them know they will get free traffic by placing their website URL at the bottom of the ebook. You can put a section in the bottom called sponsors then.

Everyone wants free traffic, so most of them will accept your deal. What you do then is ask them for one article, which they will not post anywhere else. It will be exclusively for you, and your ebook because you will put these articles in your ebook.

Experts will write for you a chapter of an ebook each, which accumulates into a massive ebook filled with 10 chapters created by experts.

You have to make a bit of research though before contacting the experts. You need to give them a unique topic each that they will write on. So every expert creates something unique for you.

You need to carefully check out the niche you are in, and create the ebook around one specific topic. If you are in the Internet marketing niche, create one ebook around seo, ppc or list building and not about internet marketing.

Pick then topics in the niche, like the ten most asked questions and the experts provide you with the content. Your goal is to make the ebook helpful.

When you are done researching for topics, ask yourself the question. With this content will customers benefit and is it neat? It does not have to reveal some ancient secrets, but it has to be neat, so at least who purchases your copy gets value out of it.

However remember do not spend a ton of time researching, just enough to create a decent ebook. If you are totally new, until you start getting how things work, you need to move on and not get stuck. This is a great way for you to start discovering how to make business online.

You can always update your ebook then, if people like it but they need more. You can ask for reviews in forums, you can even turn it into an audio product later on. To do that you can simple contact again the experts, this time you interview them by phone. Interview products do not sell well as a main product, but they are great as bonuses. So you can give the audio product as a bonus along with your ebook.

So always consider starting doing something so you get things moving. That is how you learn by exploring. Keep everything in moderation, do not put too much time into researching or too much time into finding the experts. Moving on is the key.
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