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Jun 10, 2008
You may know by now that Article Marketing is an extremely effective method of getting traffic to your site. Also, the more back links you have from these articles, the higher your page rank. The most difficult part is getting people to read your articles.

Your Title needs to be catchy. This is perhaps one of the most important components, which will draw the readers in. Make sure that your title is unique so it can be searched for to see how many times it appears.

Creating an expert author is another important element. It's like branding the author. People are going to trust an author who writes for twenty different subject. They are more likely to follow someone who "specializes" in the topic they are interested in.

Another question is whether or not to use your own name. There isn't really a rule. Some people do, some people don't. It's really a question on how comfortable you feel using your own name.

Now...about duplicate content. There are a few different methods you can use to avoid duplicate content. You can write many different versions of the same article. Or you can use different tools to create different versions for you and even some tools will submit them for you.

The author box is also an extremely useful area to use to your advantage. You will get the best results if you place two links in your author's box, one to your homepage, and the other to the page you wish the readers to go to.

Where creating the link text, it's important to use words that relate to your site. For example, instead of using the words "click here", you may want to use "internet marketing" or "dog breeds" whichever keywords that pertain to your site.

More back links will increase your page rank. Be sure to submit plenty of articles. Try to aim at one article per day, or 3-5 per week is a good start.
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