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How To Arrange Your Time And Goals So You Can Make Money On The Internet

Jun 10, 2008
Developing accurate estimation skills can benefit you across a variety of fields. It's a good talent to develop early in life because it can save you time and money. There are different methods and by experimenting you should develop the perfect one for you.

First, make sure that your tasks are clearly defined. Vague tasks are difficult to estimate. For example, if you say, "make dinner" it could be very difficult to narrow the right time down correctly. You have to prepare, serve, wash dishes and clean up.

You need to be able to quickly verbalize the first and last steps of each task. It you are unable to do this, your goal will not have clear boundaries. You also need to be able to visualize exactly what you'll be doing.

Second, if you have completed a certain goal several times, then your estimate will be fairly more accurate. However, if this is one of those "first timers," without having any prior experience, you have to go with a ballpark figure.

When you miss too many details and grossly underestimate the time required, it usually is because you have compensated for prior experience. And when you overestimate you can waste too much time creating and managing instead of getting things done.

Third, it's better to make a reasonable schedule for your time and goals so that you can actually complete things instead of beating yourself up and feeling negative. This will self-sabotage your work and make things even worse.

In order to make accurate estimates, it's important that you break your schedule down for your goals to the right level. List each one individually, break each one down into detail, and make sure every one of them has complete boundaries.

How you arrange your time and goals so you can make money on the Internet will make your daily life easier and will generate a successful pattern. Becoming a better estimator may also improve your live at the tactical level for daily time management.

Once you build a good list of time estimates for recurring tasks, you can create a very reasonable plan for your day by adding additional tasks to your schedule. You can record your best time to complete a goal, and you can also use that to challenge yourself.

It's okay to develop these skills before you have achieved your full clarity of the higher levels of life's purposes and your long-terms goals. Just be sure that at some point, you remember life, so you don't merely become a faster rat on a treadmill.
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