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Things to Remember When Considering PPP Advertising

Jun 10, 2008
Currently held by NetAudioAds, PPP advertising consists in playing an audio ad in order for customers to still get a whiff of advertising without having it slapped onto their faces as they visit a site. PPP advertising can be great for advertisers who do not want to have compose blurbs in order for them to have great visual ads, and who are uncomfortable about posting their wares and names on online billboards that might be more annoying than endearing.

PPP advertising can also be advantageous for webmasters who would like to have more space to show off their stuff instead of devoting it to profit-generating ads.

If you are a webmaster interested in placing PPP ads on your website, then you have several options available to you. In general, your PPP ad generates income only if the next ad plays three minutes after the previous one. There is an option called Key2Page, however, which allows you to place a website widget onto your site, and which allows your customers to click on it in order for them to actually go to the advertisers website.

This will make the visit to the next website easier for your customers, which you will like, of course; but it will take up space on your website, so if you are particular about having your website space all to yourself, you may want to think about this more carefully. You may also be more wary about putting yet another ad on your website if you already have a lot of ads to begin with.

The most important part about getting the best ads to go onto your site is to actually have a lot of good site content. Make sure that your content is focused on a particular subject, and that this subject is diverse enough in your sub-topics so that you can attract more new customers while you still cater to the tastes of the diverse people in your current market.

You need to make sure that your site content has the right amount of keywords while being appealing and engaging to as many different people as possible. Edit your website content, moreover: there is nothing more off-putting than a website that tries too hard to be profound and engaging while coming up short on the grammar and punctuation.

If you are an advertiser who is interested in investing in PPP ads, then you also have two jobs ahead of you. First, you need to consider whether you will go for the Key2Page option or a simple audio ad instead, all while you engineer the five second audio ad that you will have played for your prospective customers.

This simple audio ad must be engaging and filled with enough information, so that you can get people to not only listen, but to actually do something. Be clear about this aspect as well: do you want them to buy a product or service? Do you want them to visit a website?

You also need to make your website attractive if you choose to have these visitors go to your website. There is nothing more annoying to a potential customer than hearing a great ad for something that falls short of expectations.

These are only a few suggestions to guide you through your PPP journey. For more information, access NetAudioAds online, and make sure that you get everything checked and ready for the onslaught of online attention.
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