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Internet Home Based Business Tips : Pitfalls to Avoid

Jun 10, 2008
There are a number of different problems to be avoided when creating an internet home based business. You can plan for all the good moves, and still lose your shirt if you don't avoid these common traps.


Make sure that your internet home based business has enough financial backing to carry it through the cash poor early stages. It also should have adequate funding to provide for your needs during occasional slowdown times. Typically, the excitement of a bricks and mortar store opening will provide sales in the early days that may not be representative of a normal revenue curve so that the business owner may form expectations about cash flow that are not realistic. The same is true of a business on the internet, only there may be very few sales in the very beginning until customers find your site and recognize the value of your product.

Too rapid growth

The other side of the cash flow picture which can occur in an internet home based business is that of growth that is too rapid for the planning. You may have laid in inventory levels that sold out so fast that there is not time to replace them before additional orders arrive. Rush refilling of inventory levels can result in higher prices for the acquisition of your product without the opportunity to increase your sales price quickly. This affects your profit margin significantly and can change a small profit into a small loss on the sale of your product. If your response time to process customer orders slows down, it may lead to customer dissatisfaction and loss of future sales.

Failure to plan

A surefire way to create a losing internet home based business is to ignore the need to plan your activities, plan your concept, plan your growth and plan your expenses. Don't make the mistake of making your first significant sale and using it to treat yourself to a dinner out on the town rather than for the necessary and normal business expenses related to the business. Create a budget with estimates or actual figures of what you can expect for utility bills, internet access costs, equipment, inventory replacement and all other expenses associated with your business and stick to it.

Cheap mentality

Another common mistake that individuals beginning the process of creating an internet home based business make is that of trying to save startup costs by purchasing or using items that are cheap rather than economical. This can end up costing more in the long run because equipment must be replaced sooner or may not function as well as the higher quality counterpart. The concept of using quality business supplies and equipment is true also of the sale of your product. Wherever possible, make sure your product and your business supplies and equipment are economical rather than simply cheap.

Failure to assess results

Finally, stay on top of the results of your internet home based business with regular reviews of the results you have achieved. This practice will enable you to see quickly when too much money is being spent on postage, or sales on a particular short term promotion exceeded expectations. Reviewing income and expenditures is important in the overall planning for the future of your business. There may be seasonal patterns that apply to your business product sales. This can help you in planning for inventory levels or even the best time to take a short vacation trip.
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