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Online Surveys For Cash : Why do Companies Pay Even in Free Sites?

Jun 10, 2008
Online surveys for cash are a popular home business opportunity for many people. There are many reasons why companies choose to pay for the completed surveys. Not only are the home workers benefits but the companies receives benefits as well.

Target Audience Demographics

When companies pay for online surveys for cash, it's because they want to know how the target audience for their product is going to react before the product development and before the launch as well as how well the product was received. Companies are willing to pay good money for accurate and up to date information about the intended audience for their products. As an example, an ad campaign for a product for skin blemishes probably would not be effective if marketed in a magazine for mature women. Instead, the company wants to know if they are reaching teenagers in their advertising campaigns and what type of people are purchasing their products.

Better quality opinions

When a company purchases online surveys for cash, they believe that the opinions provided reflect better quality and more accurate information. Although the majority of people will try to answer honestly no matter what the payment for the survey is, others will be somewhat careless with answers that pay little or nothing. It's very important for the businesses that commission the surveys to receive correct answers to the questions posed, or the results may be skewed in one direction or the other. The companies can use advertising functions legitimately in order to pay for the surveys.

A form of advertising

When companies buy online surveys for cash, many consider that the surveys are a form of advertising. This occurs due to two factors. First, as people see brand names several times, even those in a different context, they will be more likely to choose a product with a known brand name as opposed to an unknown brand name. Secondly, those people completing surveys about products that they have used and can describe have already purchased the product and there can be a word of mouth factor that enters into the market for the product in the area.

Cutting costs

Companies pay to receive online surveys for cash because it helps them to cut costs. Launching a new product is fairly expensive for most companies. It can lead to expenses measuring in the millions of dollars. However, unless the product receives from testing in the real world, it is hard to determine how the public will react to the product. By making use of surveys in smaller geographical areas, the company is able to distribute a new product then test public response through the survey method. While there are still some costs involved, they are much lesser than they would be otherwise.

Determining customer needs

Indirectly, online surveys for cash are used to determine the needs of customers as they define the problems that they have with existing products or product lines. Sometimes a product is very suitable or rated satisfactory except for one small characteristic that consumers don't like. If it is possible to change or improve the one area, then the company will have been able to determine and respond to needs for the customer. Even if the change cannot be made to the existing product, future products can take the modifications into consideration during the design phase.
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