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Submit Article Tips: It's an Easy and Efficient Marketing Tool

Jun 10, 2008
When you submit article topics to any of the numerous article directories, you have discovered an efficient marketing tool that will provide many benefits, not the least of which is higher revenue.

How to submit documents

Increasing your revenue when you submit article topics is a successful and easy method for marketing exposure on the internet. Articles can be written and placed in directories in many different web sites on the internet. Many of the article directories are low cost or free. By writing and submitting articles to these directories, your name and business name is featured at the foot of the article, along with a link to your business web site. Visitors find information in your article that is of interest, which leads them to link to your web site where hopefully, your product will be purchased.

How it increases revenue

When you submit article topics to an article directory, it usually results in increased revenue at your business web site. Revenues are increased because of increased traffic to your web site through the links contained in the article you placed in the article directory. Obviously, the more traffic you get to your web site, the more likely you are to get increased conversions or sales of the products or services contained there. These increased sales are a direct result of the information and links found in the article that you wrote or commissioned.

Marketing bonuses

In addition to the increased traffic that goes to your web site from the links when you submit article topics to the article directories, you get some additional marketing bonuses through article marketing efforts. Often, as web crawlers visit web sites, they look for the number of good quality links incoming. These links are a significant part of the algorithms designed by some of the major search engines on the internet. As the good quality links to your site increase, your page ranking improves which means you get more hits from search queries and presumably more purchases.

Return on investment

When you submit article topics to article directories, most of them are free, so you have a very high return on investment. Typically, the articles can be submitted at no cost to you. If you don't care to write the articles yourself, you can visit one of the many freelance work site that are found on the internet where writers will bid to write your articles. The quality of such articles is excellent and you can pick and choose the subjects that will relate to your web site so that the link is an obvious one.

Faster returns

When you submit article topics to an article directory, you see results very quickly, sometimes within days of article submission. If the results are not what you expected, then revise the article and resubmit it, or send it to several other directories. You can actually send articles off to dozens or even hundreds of locations each day in order to increase your exposure on the internet. This is a great way to get the name of your business on the internet in multiple places. Each time you get a visitor and convert him or her to a customer, you are seeing immediate returns from your advertising dollars.
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