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Get the Quickest Traffic to Your Website

Jun 10, 2008
If you have a website, you need traffic.

What is website traffic? Website traffic is actual people browsing your site. Many people have spent good money for the nicest-looking site with all the latest bells and whistles, but lack the visitors that actually generate cash from that site. This is just like building a Walmart, with all the items in stock and employees on staff, and placing in the middle of the Sahara desert.

There are many ways to get traffic. If you need traffic fast, there are two basic methods you can use.

First, you can borrow traffic. Most businesses can use some form of this method, and I encourage you to creatively adapt it to your specific situation. In essence, you simply get another website owner to agree to recommend your product or service to their "list" of interested individuals. This usually involves offering a referral fee or commission to get them to agree to this.

This particular method is effective for two reasons I'll mention. Firstly, the website owner has already gathered the list of people who are interested in your specific topic, saving you the expense and time of identifying them. Secondly, in so doing you are "borrowing" on the goodwill of the referrer. Consider in your own experience. If you need to make a buying decision, do you place more weight in traditional, self-serving advertising or upon the impartial recommendations of friends and advisers? Most people choose the latter.

Borrowing traffic usually will not cost you out of pocket cash, although normally you should be prepared to pay out of your proceeds.

The next fast-traffic method we'll discuss is paid advertising. There are several types of paid advertising, and the very first you should consider is pay-per-click advertising. Google's Adwords program is the easiest to begin with, and eventually you will want to research using Yahoo and MSN as well. Pay-per-click advertising's great benefit is the ability to hone in one certain keywords that people are looking for, and as an added bonus, you can start getting traffic in 10 minutes or less.

This method, if performed properly, works for a number of reasons. Among the top reasons it works is you are causing your ads to be displayed based upon specific words used by searchers. Another reason it can be effective is that is trackable. Google, for example, has built-in analytics tools and you can use them free of charge. After a period of time, you will be able to tell which keywords generated the most "clicks"; i.e. visits to your website based upon your ad. With Google's conversion tracking tool (also free) you can also determine which keywords lead to a buying decision.

This method does mean you will pay before making sales, although Google probably won't charge your credit card until the end of the month. As a caution, in the beginning you will want to monitor your Adwords account often to make sure you are not spending more than you intended.

We have only covered two methods of generating traffic to your site. In future articles, we will cover many more.
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