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Are you making these 10 FATAL website mistakes?

Jun 10, 2008
A lively website can be a powerful lead generation tool that can capture the interest of prospective customers but only if you adopt good website practice. Unfortunately, far too many website owners seem to adopt one or more of the following really dumb ways to operate, promote and design a website. How many of them are you guilty of?

1. Bought traffic - This is the number one dumb way to waste money launching a website. The idea that you can buy tens of thousands of website visitors is just pure nonsense. Hey, don't worry we've all fallen for this quick fix and all had the same lousy results. Zero opt-ins and zero sales. If any real visitors actually get delivered, and I suspect many are just simple scams, and then there is no way that this will actually ever work. Think about it. It's like rounding people up at random, forcing them onto a bus and driving them to your store. Are they really going to buy? Nope, not a chance.

2. Used a copy writer - You should never ever use a copy writer to create copy for your website. This is expensive and created content that isn't yours - content that lacks your personality, knowledge and passion that is supposed to appeal to your customers. This won't ever work. There is a better way. Create your own copy and then get an Editor to review it. This is quick, simple and much, much cheaper.

3. Visitors come and go and never return - If you manage to get some real people visiting your site and you do nothing to capture them then they will come and then they will go and you'll never know why. Failing to capture them will destroy your sales. Capturing them can mean getting them to leave their email address or capturing their interest so that they return.

4. Website is a tool not a baby - If you're guilty of this then you're probably beyond help! You're probably doomed to pour thousands into your website to make it perfect with one tiny flaw. It's never ever ready for the great unwashed public to view or use. These people view their website as a loved baby and cherish and feed it and never ever finish or launch it. Get a life people! A website is a tool and if you don't use it as a tool then it will never work.

5. Any traffic is good traffic - I got 1000 hits so my website must be great, right? No, wrong dead wrong. Hits don't matter a stuff. Hits are meaningless as a single visitor can create dozens of hits. Visitors are also meaningless to some extent. What actually matters are prospects - people that may become customers. I'd rather have 1 customer than 1000 hits.

6. Analysis paralysis - Your website has the ability to produce a wealth of statistics that you can analyse and reanalyse until the proverbial cows come home. These can be incredibly useful but also paralysing as you can spend so much time analysing statistics that you do very little else.

7. Do you have a fancy graphic logo? - Do you have a flash artistic logo that sits proudly on your site? Do you extend this to graphics for the website buttons? If you rely on graphics then you're throwing away search engine traffic. Search engines can only see text and not graphics so if you rely on graphics for your logo and your site navigation then you're throwing away the chance for the search engines to index your business name and your key search keywords that you've probably used for your main topic headings. You haven't done this? Then you better get your site changed.

8. Keywords: Do you use too many keywords? - Filling your pages with keywords is a clever and necessary idea but overdoing it with keywords can spell disaster for your keyword-driven website. When Google analyses a site it first strips out any common words such as "and" and "but". If you put in your keywords too many times then Google will mistake them for these common words and delete them. Having all your keywords deleted is not a great idea.

9. Don't update website content - When was the last time that you updated your website with new fresh copy? If the answer is months or years ago then you are presenting a very bad image to your potential customers. It's like one of those shop or store windows that are dusty and uncared for with goods going stale and cobwebs all over them. That's not going to attract your customers in to buy is it?

10. Full of errors - Why is it when we send a business letter we check it and retype it but throw up the first draft of web content without even reading it? This strange behaviour is extremely common and leads to websites that are strewn with spelling mistakes and other writing errors that will annoy your customers.

You can still save your website from this commercial suicide if you act now! But be warned if you delay a day longer - your customers will be looking at other websites. If they find more useful content on better sites then they will choose them instead. Wouldn't you?
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