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Business Cards are Great Lead Generation Tools

Jun 10, 2008
Other than the addition of space for URL's, fax numbers and email, nothing has really changed about business cards since their invention. Cards are a simple but very good tool for getting leads.

A business card is effective precisely because of what it contains: contact information in a convenient form. On that card is everything they need to know: name, contact number and/or email and the name of the business. If there is a web address listed, this means that a potential customer can contact a business or get more information at any time.

Almost no one has one of those fabled photographic memories. You may want nothing more than to do business with someone who you have met, but forget the name of the business or the person whose business it is. You might write yourself a note, but these are easily lost or if not, it can be difficult to remember what the note is about several weeks later.

However, if this person has given you a business card, all of this relevant information would be in one convenient place with the back of the card being a good place to put notes. This is also far less likely to be lost than a note or one's own memory.

Many tend to put cards in their wallets or purse and hang on to them for some time, which can help the business whose card it is have a better chance of eventually making a sale. Every time the person to whom it has been given sees the card, they will have the business fresh in their mind again and may perhaps make a purchase, or even spread the word to someone else.

You can make your card more likely to be kept and referred to again and again by adding some sort of value to the card such as a calendar on the back or making your business card a magnet.

A business card only gets results when you use it though. You need to get your cards into the hands of people who may be interested in your business. Keep your cards with you at all times; you never know when you might run into someone who is a potential customer.

Business cards can also be placed on bulletin boards, community centers, libraries and other public places where they can be seen by the public. Put business cards in all of your outgoing mail, including bills. This can help you get leads.

Everyone who has a business should have business cards. Cards can be a great lead generation method and give your business a more professional image.
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