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Satellite Broadband : Get Connected Fast, Anytime, Anywhere

Jun 10, 2008
Satellite broadband has provided hope for rural subscribers who are outside the coverage areas of most Internet service providers. Most home subscribers opt for cable and DSL Internet connections. But in areas which are not under the range of the high-speed broadband connection, or where dial-up access is extremely slow, satellite broadband is a boon. The technology has been there for a long time, but it has evolved in more recent times.

Satellite broadband facilitates high quality digital internet access via satellite. You need to have a satellite dish, similar to that of a satellite TV and a box inside similar to a receiver. This satellite dish transfers your digital signals up and down from to the hub dish, which is located in VSAT operator and ISP provider premises. In turn, the hub dish, functioning as a high-speed digital backbone connects you to the rest of the World through satellite.

Satellite broadband is independent of huge cabling, does not require a telephone connection, and keeps you always connected to the internet with stable speed. While in ADSL broadband, the speed may not remain steady and whenever there occur a fault in wire lines your internet stops going further.

The satellite dish being installed outside on the roof is liable to damage due to climatic conditions like rain and high-intensity wind. The expenses required for setting up the right kind of infrastructure for the rural subscribers has been one more reason for the technological lag in this area. Despite all of these shortcomings it is the best option for those who are placed at a geographically disadvantaged condition, and the promise of a better future lies ahead.

Faster web surfing, faster downloads, quick emails and high-pace audio/video streaming are highly accomplished with the speed of several hundred kbps. Satellite broadband capacities are shared all over the Europe. Services for home and small office users are shared in higher proportions, but are of lower cost and services for business users are dedicated or have low sharing proportion. People requiring huge uploading of data or real time two-way video communication or VoIP are provided with higher end options.
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