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A Review of the Bodega Chocolates Income Opportunity

Jun 10, 2008
Bodega Chocolates is one of the premiere chocolate companies in Europe according to the website. They have several business opportunities for someone who is looking for a little extra income. The idea behind the Bodega Chocolates consultant program is that you are in direct sales. This means that you purchase the product and then sell it to the customer base you build by selling directly to the customer with the product rather than having to order from the website.

Bodega Chocolates offers opportunities for anyone who is wishing for a little extra income and thinks they can be a seller of the products. You are able to start your own little home business being a consultant with Bodega Chocolates. You are also able to set your own hours and earn as much as you would like through the direct selling. There are several types of consultants with Bodega Chocolates.

Bodega Chocolates offers a Friends, Family, and Co-workers Consultant position where you sell to your friends, family, and others in your life. What happens is that you buy for personal used and gain discounts. You also have the opportunity to get Bodega Chocolates gifts for the different seasons.

You can also become a part time consultant which offers a way to supplement your income. In other words you use direct sales tactics to sell a specific amount of food each month that works within your time constraints. To sell in this manner you can go around to the different businesses and of course host a party to offer the products you have for sale from the Bodega Chocolates Company.

You also have the opportunity with Bodega Chocolates to be just a seasonal consultant. This means you sell during the Christmas season to friends, family, and others as gifts. Most often during holidays you find individuals giving candy or chocolate as a typical gift when they don't really know the person. As a seasonal consultant you can take advantage of the yearly sales to make a little extra income.

The last type of consultant for the Bodega Chocolates Company is to be a full time consultant. In this case for Bodega Chocolates you have a full time career. You book home parties, sell to businesses and local places for year round repeat customers. This is where the potential for getting bonuses and more income from the Bodega Chocolates Company may work in your favor.

The idea behind this business opportunity is that you work for yourself selling a product you enjoy offer working for someone else. This way you get all of the commissions and gift sales. There are three methods for selling.

The home parties where someone hosts a party for the express purpose of buying the items for sale, business gift giving in which businesses or other individuals buy to give out gifts, and the third option which is ship direct. The ship direct options means that you offer a catalogue and have the items directly delivered to the client, if you don't already have the product during the party or selling route.
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