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Key Things You Should Know About A Broadband Router

Jun 10, 2008
A broadband router is a basic device to set up a wired or wireless network. Broadband routers ensure that all the computers on a network can send and receive data to each other and across the Internet. These routers are of both wired and wireless but their features are very similar.

As an illustration, imagine that the Internet is the world and one computer is one household. Other computers connected through the Internet are households around the world. Say one household will send a letter to another household in any part of the world. The letter has an address right? And that address would determine the destination of the letter. But without one reading the address, the letter would not arrive to the right receiver. The letter also would not be able to reach the intended receiver if there is not medium. This medium would be the courier. And the courier of the computer data is the router.

After connecting the two networks with each other by using broadband routers, now the computer users can share the Internet access easily. The data will be directed along with the computer on local network through the Internet. Data can be exchanged even to computers which are kept at a distant. The added advantage of these broadband routers is to find out the virus attacks.

Routers are first to face any possible outside viruses, hacking threats and so they are vital in a network. But most internet user may not know this, practiced using anti-virus softwares only. A router safeguards your network by working as a filter between the outside internet world and your computers. In general, broadband modems don't usually have sophisticated built-in security features, so having a network without a router can leave the door open to hackers and other online threatens. Using a router with an in-built firewall makes your wired or wireless network safer and secure, without being vulnerable for internet threats.

If broadband is classified into two types in major then the routers also has to be of two types. ADSL modem routers for ADSL broadband users and cable routers for cable broadband users are that two. Both type of broadband router perform the same function of being an interface between your network and the internet and enabling you to share your internet connection among other computers. The main dissimilarity between these two broadband routers is the way in which they connect to the internet.

Why would anyone need a router? For households with two or more computers who would want to have Internet connection to every computers they have, taking subscription for each would be too much. The solution is to buy a router that would enable every computer in the house to have an Internet connection. In the definition above, the broadband router would act as a hub to the existing Internet connection.
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