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3 Ways To Better Promote Team Spirit Within Your Company

Jun 11, 2008
In today's business world, retaining valuable employees is essential to maintaining profit and a leading edge. Not only is it expensive to train new employees, but ex-employees can disseminate your company's trade secrets when they leave your company and gain employment with your competitors.

The most effective way to retain employees is to create a strong "team" bond. When employees feel as if they are a critical part of a strongly bonded team, they are less likely to feel dissatisfied and to search for other employment. According to business strategy experts, a strong sense of unity is even more important than salary when it comes to keeping employees happy.

In this article, we'll look at several ways that you can form stronger bonds between employees and your company:

Build Your Brand Within the Office Environment:

It's common knowledge that companies should build their brand as part of an advertising campaign, but it's just as important to promote brand strength within the company. Corporate logo shirts, large signs with your company's logo and mission statement, and logo printed products such as pens and note paper all evoke a sense of pride within the company.

Even if your company doesn't face the customer directly, having a dress code where all employees wear corporate logo shirts is a great way for employees to literally wear their pride. There are so many styles and colors of corporate logo shirts that employees can still retain their individuality while showing their commitment to the team. Not only do corporate logo shirts promote the company from within, but when employees head out to lunch or to the bank, they promote your business to the outside world as well.

Start A Sports League:

There are few more effective ways to build team spirit than to play together on a sports team toward a common goal! Playing a sport together to win is a literal metaphor of your goals in the office. When setting up your league, have employees play each other or challenge another company to go head to head.

If you choose to have employees play each other, be sure to split the teams up randomly, rather than having different departments go head to head. Since the ultimate goal of any company is to have all employees working cohesively, you don't want this competition following team members back to the office!

Employee really get into the team spirit when sports and friendly competition is involved. Don't be afraid to go all out when creating your leagues! Corporate logo shirts in team colors are great way to get the point across that you're on different 'teams' but still playing for the same overall team.

Choose a Non Profit Organization to Rally Behind:

A great way to bring employees together is to choose a non-profit organization to collectively support. Whether it's Habitat for Humanity or the Fight Against Breast Cancer, employees tend to pool together when it comes to helping others in need.

Working with non-profits is a great way to gain publicity for your company as well. Issue press releases whenever you donate to get maximum visibility for your company within the community. Whenever you're out in the community doing volunteer work, have employees wear their corporate logo shirts so that others associate your company with compassion and dedication.

Creating a team spirit within the office is not only profitable, it's also extremely rewarding for you and for your employees. The leading companies today like Google, Starbucks, and others, all have very specific programs for ensuring that their employees feel like a valuable part of the company team. When employees work together toward a common goal, it's a winning situation for everyone involved!
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