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Easy Money Opportunites For The Thrifty

Jun 11, 2008
There is something to be said for thrifty family who knows how to put two threads together. The facts are clear that people who are able to do things for themselves and are resourceful with the resources that they have are a lot more likely to be successful in the long run. People who are dependent on others and whiny and unable to make goodness are going down the problem. So when you are trying to find an easy way to earn money, you should take a page from the thrifty family's play book and see how they are able to do certain things.

Many people enjoy having a yard sale. On top of that, the thrifty family would do something like sell the vegetables and fruits from their own garden. Growing extra fruits and vegetables and selling them in a nonchalant weekend kind of a way it's a great way to earn a little bit of extra money at the end of the summer. If you have a great roster of tomato plants and carrots and lettuce heads and anything else in your garden, people will come from far and wide. It's sort of a fun trip out for people who are not used to taking homegrown vegetables and for the people who are selling them they can often raise the price because they are home picked and homegrown.

Keeping us in the garden - if you are interested in mowing other people's lawns for some extra cash, this can help. You will have to consider the cost of fuel, though. Of course, a thrift family might have an old fashioned mower with rotary blades. This not only saves a bundle of money on fuel but it also gives you the extra benefit of good old exercise - forget the gym membership! Plus if you use a push mower kind of a thing you can charge extra for the extra manpower that it's going to cost depending on the size of the yard.

If you're not really interested in doing yard work you can always do physical work on the weekends. If you have a van or SUV or another large vehicle pickup truck or something like that, then you can move stuff around with it. People are always going to pay for that. Sedan driving urban people don't usually want to hurt themselves or rent a vehicle and if you can charge ahead of rates with the movers in town then you can sell yourself out on an hourly basis for weekends or evenings or whatever you have time.

This is particularly useful if you have a job like an overnight job or something like that where you can either be available in the days or in the evenings during the week. Being accessible is a great thing for everybody and is another page ripped from the thrifty family play book.
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