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Top 6 Reasons Why Affiliate Marketing Is The Best Way to Make Money Online

Jun 11, 2008
Looking for a home-based online business opportunity that is simple to start, and doesn't require a huge start-up cost? Affiliate marketing should be at the top of your list!

By signing up as an affiliate marketer, you will be selling products for other people and earning a generous commission from every sale. Depending on the specific products involved, that commission can be anywhere between 30 and 70 percent - on every sale.

If you still need some convincing about whether or not affiliate marketing is the best online business for you, here are my top six reasons:

1. You don't need a product, just a passion

The beauty of affiliate marketing is that you make money from other people's ideas. You don't have to create a product or even have special knowledge about a product. Anyone can earn commissions by marketing and selling another person's products.

2. You don't need to be a computer wizard

You don't have to create your own website or even write sales copy if you aren't so inclined. All it takes to be an affiliate marketer (once you are accepted into the program that interests you) is adding a small bit of code to your existing website that will include a special link. This link tells the company who you are so they know who to credit with the sale.

3. No startup costs
You don't have to spend money on expensive domain registration and web hosting costs unless you choose to. Let's face it - most of us don't have much money to start a new business, otherwise we wouldn't be looking into easy ways to make money online, right?

Affiliate marketing works with your existing website and the company will be more than happy to assist you in getting the affiliate code installed on your website. Then, you just promote your website. Simple!

4. You don't have to ship or handle the products

You know those shipping and handling fees? They are well earned, let me tell you. With affiliate marketing you don't have to handle the products at all. You sell, the buy, and the company is responsible for the rest. No payment processing, no handling of anything except your check!

5. You choose what you wish to sell

There are literally hundreds of thousands of products currently marketed on the Internet, and many of them are available for commission through affiliate marketing programs. This allows you to select products that are currently in the news or otherwise deemed 'hot', and you can change what you market at any time!

6. No collections headaches

You will never have to request refunds or collections. That is the job of the company selling the product and you are simply an affiliate who has agreed to market their product. You earn a commission on every sale and they handle the headaches.

There's just no denying that if you are looking for an online business opportunity that is easy to do, doesn't require any specialized knowledge or training and can make you tons of money without spending a single cent, affiliate marketing is your best choice.
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Matt Coy is the Founder/President of InFront Tools , an Internet Marketing company with tools designed to keep you "in front" of the paying masses. Copy our blueprint for Affiliate Marketing success at TheDecisionOfYourLife.com.
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