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A CNC Software Buying Guide

Aug 17, 2007
1. Choosing a CNC software package

It can be difficult to decide on a CNC software package. There are tons of different software developers out there, and each one has created several programs with different specifications designed to address variable customer needs. Located below is information that will help you decide on a CNC software package.

2. Information on a CNC software package.

What do you know about CNC software? CNC Software is a highly specialized computer program that is designed to control the operating processes of a companys automated mills, router, and lathe machines, including more advanced variants like laser and plasma cutters. The depth and complexity of the program determines the extent to that the machines can be controlled, so the more options a companys machines are capable of, the greater the program requirements. Needless to say, its a good idea to maximize your machines potential, but not to get a program that has more features than your machines can handle unless, of course, you plan to upgrade your machines to the given specs in the near future.

3. Compatibility of your CNC software

Your OS and computer (compatibility) Determine the computer youre going to be using to control the machines involved. Check the operating system youre running under, and the specifications of your actual computer hardware involved, including processor speed, hard drive space, and onboard memory. Make sure that the program you purchase is capable of running within the bounds of your operating system, and check the system requirement of the program to see if your computer can handle it. As a bonus note, there are also CNC programs out there that are compatible with other miscellaneous software packages that are widely available in the market. If youre using any of those other compatible programs and see a need to have the two interact, take this into account when making a comparison between CNC software packages you intend to purchase.

4. Specifications of machins

You should try to get the most out of your program by setting the machine specifications involved to the best possible specifications. Various developers will give specifications on the extent of their CNC software; look at the capabilities of your machines, some examples being factors like the number of axis that a lathe machine can cut, the maximum length and the circumference of wood a mill or router can handle, the various angles along that cuts can be made, if the machine can handle engraving, etc. Consider a program that can ideally handle everything your machines are capable of doing. Be careful what machines youre Acquiring especially if you plan on not getting any more in the future.
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