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Some Borderline SEO Techniques

Jun 11, 2008
Search engines observe some minor yet strategic parameters before granting your website a befitting position at SERPs. The amount of time surfers spend on your website, results of specific algorithmic patterns and spikes in traffic are some crucial junctures where the path to your cherished spot in your journey stop at.

Crawlers thus award accolades to websites who opt for a lot of simultaneous suitable SEO techniques rather than one to bail them out of tight corners. So, the quality links can put you hardly in the safe hands, rather the simultaneous efforts of external links, content, balanced internal link can reach you in a safer position. Never think it is just a hit and try. Rather collective activities can only improve your positioning. Like in every activity of life, employ right timing and alternate strategy to bear fruits of your SEO defense keeping abreast of the search engine spiders.

Following the basics can give you a solid defense mechanism which is always on demand if aggressive link building can reach you fast to the penalty box of the opponent, basic SEO defense saves you from counter attacks. Thus your radiating SEO defense keeps your website at bay from discrepancies creeping into them in order to retain the painstakingly acquired status. The prowling crawlers are far too intelligent for us and keep on dancing from one time suited algorithm to another for rewarding the most persevering webmasters. The importance of internal link can become dwindling, the hard earned external links may not fetch the desired value at time, the META tags may include an additional condition of cross checking - your SEO activities should make your website highly seasoned irrespective of the rotation or revolution of the Earth.

To sum up I comply with Jeffrey Smith, an active internet marketing consultant and strategist when he says, "The drill is in creating positive momentum, quality content and relevance to induce traffic".

Use SEM for Content Conversions. Pay-per-click can be quite fruitful for driving traffic to your site-particularly for content-oriented offers. In fact for offers such as Article/white paper downloads or Site Registrations (for newsletters, etc.), SEM acutally outperforms SEO. For that reason, I recommend you first start your SEM efforts in this area. When choosing which engines to go with, certainly Google and Yahoo are the dominant players. Still MSN, AOL, and Ask Jeeves fall in line right behind them and should not be ignored.
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