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Boost Your Affiliate Program Revenue With Residual Income

Jun 11, 2008
Internet affiliate marketing programs are increasing in popularity. You may have realized the benefits of a business that can be built at home in your spare time. There are no hassles with stock delivery or inventory and no processing of customer payments. When setting up your affiliate revenue business, consider diversifying.

Affiliate programs can basically be divided into those that have a one time payment and those that charge the customer a regular fee, usually monthly. It is always rewarding to receive sales and those one time payments may be a little larger so your commissions should be larger. You may want to include those sort of programs, but adding a program with a monthly payment from customers gives you the benefits of residual income.

Although I have mentioned the benefits of affiliate marketing, It is hard work getting sales just as it is in any business. If you only concentrate on one time sale programs and you receive 50 sales in a month, then you have to work just as hard the next month to secure another 50 sales. If you need to take time off for a particular month, then your revenue is likely to drop.

Let's use the same example with a residual income system. When you achieve 50 sales in each month for 5 months, then if all of your customers remain in the program, you will receive commission on 250 sales for that 5th month. It's not a perfect world and some of your customers are going to drop out. However your total commissions will increase each month as long as you continue to get sales and some of your customers continue paying the merchant.

Spend time choosing the best programs that offer good value and ongoing benefits to your customers. The percentage who remain in the program will most likely be higher. Also there may be an opportunity to contact your customers to check if they are happy with the product or service. Be careful to respect their privacy and, if the merchant providing the products is a company, check if they have placed any rules or limitations on customer contact.

It is true that customers are more likely to pay once for a product than to commit to an ongoing monthly payment. Promoting both styles of affiliate programs has the best of both worlds. There is something for the cautious buyer and also for the buyer who is ready to commit to a monthly payment. If you have chosen products with great value from a merchant or company who offer excellent support, then one customer could result in multiple sales for you over time.
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