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SEO White Hat Case Study

Jun 11, 2008
This is my experience using white hat software that finds link exchange partners automatically. I will not mention any software names, but this provided great results.

In fact you should be using white hat software, techniques or strategies. Not black hat.

This white hat allowed me to get backlinks everyday by doing exchanges. Practically all the work is done by the software. It auto fills forms, finds the partners, saves the projects and I just use a web based script to upload the partners link on my website. There are scripts to do this that require no ftp software or any website editors.

I used to get backlinks with the keywords I want to rank for in the anchor text. I chose just two keywords, which combined provide me enough money to make decent money. But I made sure I an almost guarantee that I will get on page one of Google. If they were too competive I would have chose just one and focus on it. It is not how many keywords you optimize your website for, it is how many keywords you get on top of rankings that count.

I created a new email account. This is important so you keep record of the emails your link partners sent you. A free account with any one of the popular email clients is enough. So you use this email account just for doing link exchanges. You can then create another email account if you are doing directory submissions, so you keep record once again.

This is something that will be helpful in the long run. Saving work has many benefits.

To get back to my story.

I made link exchanges everyday, more or less the same number of exchanges everday. I did not use just link exchanges to get rankings for my keywords. I used other white hat methods like article submissions.

But I did get results starting from MSN then Yahoo and finally I entered Google and then I kept monitoring my rankings in Google. I always focus on that search engine only. Focusing is the key and in fact I seen increase in rankings in Google, from page 70 to page 5 and than page 3. That is enough for me to motivate me. From there I easily got the page one and finally the number one spot in Google.

Once you get there, you still need to keep doing what you are doing, but with the money you make you can put something aside to outsource some tasks. But there are other advantages

too. You get more link exchange requests. You get many clicks on your domain since it is number one. Spiders reward websites that get many clicks because it means visitors like that website, they all go and take a look at it. It does not mean you should click on your website everyday. In fact that is not recommended. Remember trying to cheat in some way or another can be referred to a black hat technique. These can get your website in trouble.

Keep it fun but keep it going.

The good thing with seo is that once you start something you get better and better. Your skills improve and once you master seo you have just secured tons of traffic and customers.
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Karl Sultana is a search engine optimization specialist, find out more about him on OutRankSmart (ORS) and download his software.
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