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Want A Surefire Path to Creativity? Explore All Your Options

Jun 11, 2008
Checking out all possible options is a definite attribute that all creative thinkers have.

I want you to stop right now. Whatever you're doing I want you just to pause for a second and I want you to imagine a world in which everybody looks the same.

A world where everyone not only looks the same, but are identical to each other in every way. Our faces, clothes, make up are all the same. Everyone is identical in their personal characteristics too - same emotions, same intellect, same attitudes. In every aspect we are all the same.

In a world like this, there would be no choices. Everyone would do the same thing, think the same. If this is what the world was really like, imagine how boring a tragic it would be.

We wouldn't be stimulated in any way whatsoever to think differently or try something new, and we would never have the drive or ambition to get ahead because everyone would always be at the exact same level.

Now, picture this. Instead of absolutely everyone looking identical, it is instead everyone you dated. Every person you went on a date with, fell in love with, all look the same.

Try and think back about some of the differences between your past girlfriends or boyfriends. Those differences would be gone. Imagine how boring it now would be to choose your next date, or even your spouse.

Those butterflies you feel when you find the right person for you would be gone. How would you know if that person was truly the right one if all your other previous partners had been exactly the same. We would be left with no options.

What does this have to do with anything?

The world we live in is completely different, thankfully. Each person is different, we are given the opportunity to make choices an a daily basis. Each day those choices we make could take our lives down a completely different path than if we had chosen another option.

Living in a free society allows us the freedom to make choices. As creative thinkers, we embrace this freedom because it allows us to explore those options.

Creative thinkers explore many options and every option leads to something new - a new product idea, a new business idea, a new joint venture idea, a new headline idea, a new subject line idea, a new auto responder idea, a new mini course idea - there are so many things that are spawned because we have the opportunity to explore all kinds of new opportunities.

Creative thinkers, they do that all the time. They remove themselves from the mundane and they pursue new, different opportunities and possibilities because that's what sparks and spawns new ideas.
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