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Why You Should Consider Management Development

Jun 11, 2008
Management is the method used to coordinate efforts of an organisation or team and getting management right is the fundamental basis upon which a successful team or organisation can be born. Without a strong and influential manager many businesses fail and without the skills that are required to become a successful manager entrepreneurs with excellent ideas often still fail to capitalise on their concepts.

Although the word manager is often interchanged with leader there are some fundamental differences. Whereas a leader is concerned with a grand overview of the direction and vision of a business a manager is the person that makes it happen. It is of course possible for a person to have both leadership qualities and management qualities. Management generally involves the practical application of techniques to ensure that the work of the organisation. As a result many of the techniques that are used by successful managers can be taught.

These techniques can be passed on through training and many companies make the most of this type of training as it represents an enormous return on investment as good managers can achieve changes that dramatically improve the effectiveness of a business. Management development involves learning new management skills that can be ultimately passed on through the business.

The majority of management skills are learnt through experience but there are a number of tangible skills that can be passed on through management development. These skills are often imparted by training professionals that have a number of qualifications and skills that are gained through academic study.

Management development generally involves taking a programme of structured learning and using the theories found in academic areas and making them applicable to the real life running of a business. There are a number of formal courses that can be taken to approach a vast range of different areas of management and it is possible to focus on specific areas or alternatively study management as a wide all embracing topic.

Management development often works to provide a manager with a formal education qualification such as a NVQ or a full Masters degree.

There is a wide range of different ways in which management development can be facilitated. There is a distinction between work based training and training that takes place in an academic institution. Often management development can be facilitated within a business and in these cases a training provider is likely to come to the workplace and work with the manager to highlight particular areas of management that need improvement and suggest training based on their findings.

This will typically be followed up with training sessions and techniques that can be applied to the areas that need improvement and as a result the organisation is likely to see an improvement in the way it is run. The alternative method of training is to take an academic approach in which a manager will leave the place of work to attend a course that is held in a different place.

These courses often give the management a chance to take a step back from the high pressure situations that they face day to day. This way Managers are able to take time to appreciate the challenges that they face and understand the theories behind the methods that they implement.
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