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How To Overcome The 4 Main Obstacles To Your Business

Jun 11, 2008
Why do people not enroll in your business when you have a quality opportunity and product?

Most of us in conducting our home based business have found an inexplicable response from people we present to. We know we have a great opportunity and great products and services. But it is as if people cannot seem to grasp it. Why don't they join or buy?

Some years ago a survey of 200,000 people was undertaken in the USA to understand exactly this. Analysis showed there were only four main reasons why people chose not to buy from or join great opportunities.

They were:

1. Lack of Trust
This accounted for 75% of the decisions to not buy. If people did not know or trust you or the company enough they would not continue. The other obstacles accounted for only 25% of the reasons people failed to buy.

2. Lack of Need
If people were unable to identify a need for the product or service, they would not buy.

3. Lack of Solution
People will join or buy if they see it as a solution to their problem. If your mlm product, service or opportunity will not provide this, they will not join or buy.

4. Lack of Urgency
If there is no pressing time issue, people will put off decisions until later. Procrastination stops many actions.

So, to get people involved in your home based business, mlm company or other, or buying your product or service you need to deal with these obstacles.

If this is done well you will be presenting your product, service or opportunity only to those who really want it and in the way they want it. You will get more yes responses. And you will waste less time with hesitant people.

1. Building Trust
All people respond to personal interest in them as people: who they are, what they want and how soon they want it. But this needs to be a real interest rather than just a sales pitch. If we are aware in our multilevel marketing business or even regular sales business that we are in the people business, we will get far further.

And this applies to internet marketing as well. If people feel we are really hearing them or speaking to their concerns they will respond much more freely.

Listening carefully to people and hearing their concerns builds trust. It establishes the second and third bases as well.

If lack of trust is the cause for 75% of people not getting involved with us or not buying from us, then this part is the most important.

2. Establishing Needs
How often have you found how good it is when a sales person actually asks why you want a certain product and how you intend to use it?

By seeking to understand how people enjoy their current jobs, what their goals and dreams are and how they feel their current situation will get them there, we better understand their felt needs.

If there is no felt need, then we have no solution and can pass on.

3. Presenting a Solution
Once we understand where the prospect stands, we can present our solution. Because we have taken time to understand where they are coming from we can present a tailored solution. And in language that corresponds to their processing style.

4. Getting the Urgency
In understanding the prospect's needs, if we get them to really examine what they want and how badly they do we can create a natural urgency. In asking them how they would feel if they achieved what they desire and how they would feel or be if they did not, we can magnify their grasp of their own problem.

Then the usual sales "close" is simply a presentation of a real solution to their intensified feeling of need.

In this way, by helping them, we will generate more powerful positive responses. We have already excluded those who do not need our product or service.
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