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How to Sell Network Marketing Online

Jun 11, 2008
There was a time when network marketing meant meeting at a friends place to sell your products and make associates. How to sell network marketing online is much more complex than this.

But broken down into its basic elements the question of how to sell network marketing online can be a simple exercise. The basis of network marketing is building networks of people who buy and sell products. What better place to build a network of people than on the ultimate worldwide network-the internet.

It's no wonder that the internet is the place to go to build a network marketing business.

The benefits to building your business online are extensive. You can work in shorts and a T-shirt, you only talk with people who are highly interested and your business is working for you 24/7.

Moreover, your maintenance costs are low, and it is easy to expand internationally. Most important, anyone can do it--you do not have to be a computer genius to find success.

The first aspect of selling network marketing online is to have an internet presence. This means having a website . Usually network marketers have a website which runs into a few pages . A good ,imaginative and attractive front page ( called capture page) should work well . Keep things simple. Let your audience know what you are all about.

The second step of using web 2.0 tools to sell network marketing is a bit more involved than a passive web presence. Social sites like Facebook and Myspace have millions of subscribers ,each with different tastes and preferences.

Joining likeminded forums and getting people to join your network marketing business makes good sense. You have to spend some time to understand the dynamics of social sites but the time spent is well worth it. Using forums you can sell network marketing to a world wide audience.

Blogging is a great way to sell network marketing . You must have several blogs hosted on different popular blogging sites. People are keen and interested in knowing about different things happening around the world. Selling network marketing through blogs is a fantastic idea.

Let people know about your network marketing scheme and how people can benefit from it. Get others excited about your ideas and see how they make a beeline towards you. To sell network marketing online is the best way to increase traffic to your business. Exploit all web 2.0 initiatives to grab a pie of the worldwide market.

As you attract prospects, you will need a database to keep track of them. Outlook has a great contact manager, though if you create something on your own, make sure it has enough room to keep track of a prospect's name, e-mail, phone number and address. It must also have an area where you can write comments.

Once a prospect is in your database, send them a personal e-mail to see if they found the information on your site to be valuable. This will also determine their level of interest in your business. Use e-mails to create a rapport with the prospect and move them toward a phone call.

If you have an effective web presentation and follow-up system and a prospect agrees to speak with you by phone, there's a good chance that person will join your business or purchase your product.

The keys to network marketing online are a solid presence, consistency and persistence. So get out there and build your system, and stick with it until it produces the results you seek.
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