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Start Your Business by Being Safe

Jun 11, 2008
Whether due to negligence on the part of the victim or the faulty equipment in the construction site, one fact remains: the victim died on his/her workplace.

Now, leading New York construction accident lawyer David Perecman is becoming worried about the worsening conditions of construction sites where a lot of workers sacrifice their lives for work's sake. According to New York Times, a total of 10 deaths already happened for the past 3 months in the year 2008. One building already received 25 building code violations but the authorities weren't able to do anything about it.

Assure UK Business Insurance is not quite making a good name in the business insurance industry. Although their prices are competitive (lower than most business insurance companies), some claim that enrolling a premium in their company is not worth it. Why? Their customer service (if they ever have one) is poor. UK Insurance Index, a website that allows customers to comment on certain services offered by insurance companies in the UK, had there posted in their official page a review of the said company. The commenter said that his/her request to cancel the premium took days (or even weeks!) and that a lot of "promised calls" were made but no calls came back from the said insurance company.

Ever since the 9/11 attack in the United States, many countries have been very wary about their own security. A lot of conspiracy theories were formulated since the area where the planes were spotted was a "no fly zone", but nevertheless, if it was really an attack from another country, people should now be precautious of their surroundings.

Or so we thought. Marsh, a risk management company found out that most of the businesses in London, whether large or small, are not prepared if things go the wrong way. Some proponents of Marsh say that although these small-time businesses can't do anything to thwart future attacks, they can do some precautionary measures, through some risk management strategies, to prevent further damages.

As you prepare your usual coffee in morning to bring it to your office (or someplace else), you smell the aroma of fresh coffee beans being brewed. As you pour the liquid inside your Stanley thermos, an unfamiliar sound startled you. BANG! Suddenly, your surroundings become black.

No, it's not that you're injured. It's due to the charcoal that splattered from the thermos. The 2005 edition of Stanley thermos were withdrawn in the market because of some handle issues. If the vacuum cover of the handle is broken, chances are, it'll explode and charcoal powder will burst in the air. A family in Arkansas sued the company (since most of their belongings had black powder in/on it) and the owners of Stanley thermos were more than willing to pay and assist them for the damages.

American and British proponents of risk management have agreed to include ERM (enterprise risk management) in the credit ratings of the companies. Although ERM is included in rating banks and other financial companies, they plan to include almost all companies now with their wider coverage (both public and private). They said that it'll have a good effect on the companies because if ever the company gets a high risk management evaluation, the higher the chances that it'll be given a much better credit rating. Credit ratings are needed since these will determine whether the company is worth it of a hefty loan.
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