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Your Driving Force For Network Marketing

Jun 11, 2008
Say you had everything you wanted in your life met with the income from your network marketing business. Then what would be your driving force from thereon in? What would get you up in the morning and going on with the business?

For some this question may well still be hypothetical. For many it might be great just to be earning some significant income from their mlm home business.

But the reality is we need something well beyond us to draw us on.

In his book "Think and Grow Rich" Napoleon Hill talks about having a definite purpose and goal and how this needs to be so much bigger than ourselves.

Wallace D Wattles in his "The Science of Getting Rich" talks about having a huge vision of where you will be in front of you, building more and more definitely and in more and more detail each day to draw you on.


Because we need that goal out there to aspire to. We need that vision to be the tractor beam to direct and guide us in our day to day activity. If we have this definite goal that resonates with ur conscious and unconscious mind we will be drawn inevitably to it.

And if our goal is not big enough and out there we will find that we will get to a certain level and then not be able to get beyond it. If we want to get to the top in our opportunity, then we need something huge to draw us there. This is not something required of those who are seeking a few extra dollars only. It is for those who want to make this a huge business.

But as I noted previously there can be problems with getting financially free as with Timothy Ferriss in his "4-Hour Workweek" where he found once he could go anywhere he wanted and ave as much free time as he wanted, then he felt some emptiness creeping in.

There are a few ways we can ensure we have such a big goal that it prevents us from feeling empty.

1. Have a huge project that will take years to attain

This could be developing solutions to some of the world's pressing problems. Choosing something that interests you, learning as much as you could about what has been done so far and then seeking out ways to get involved that would resonate with you and would be possible with your current levels of skill would be a start.

Then you can make contact with people in the system and see what you could currently offer and also what might be needed in the long term.

Being committed to something like this will cause you to have a meaningful goal to engage your mind for years to come.

And when you attain it, what then? Well, having worked through one major problem there will likely be others you could grapple with.

2. Be involved at the top level of your company in training and facilitating others in the business.

It is possible to get to financial independence in your company and stay there. If that is your goal and you are happy to be there, then there is no need to go any further.

But for those who wish to there is always the need for those with the most experience and drive to be involved in training others, launching new countries and services or products, or helping further the direction and vision of the company. If this moves you then it is a great goal to seek.

3. Have a charitable focus.

Many people will have this as a usual aspect of their income management. T Harv Eker in his "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind" and in his seminars has a structure to get people to handle money more effectively and thereby become rich. Part of this allots ten percent of their profits back into giving somewhere in a charitable way. But beyond this it is possible to have a specific goal that this is where you are headed with your network marketing business.

In recent years we have seen huge foundations set up by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. Warren Buffett and his family have had charitable arms set up for a number of years. But in the past year he announced the majority of his wealth was to be given to the bill and Melinda Gates foundation to be managed by them for charitable causes.

You may not develop a fund as big as these two, but you can have your business with the goal of emulating that type of mindset. It certainly will keep you going.

There are businesses out there that have that sort of structure. There is always a percentage going to some particular charity. And when the urge to just earn some more income might flag, the knowledge that earning more will contribute more to the good of others out there (the more you earn, the more who will be helped) will create an additional impetus to work longer or harder.

In the same way we can create additional drive in our home based multilevel marketing business.

Any consideration of these types of issues is never wasted.

Basically it is self-development. And self development is one of the great benefits of mlm.
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