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Five Easy Questions That Will Ignite Ideas For Your Business

Jun 11, 2008
I've got five questions for you that will help spark all kinds of new ideas for you and your business and whatever products or services you're currently offering. So I suggest you either print this article out or get a piece of paper and a pen, and write them down. These are very valuable idea stimuli that will spark a whole reaction in you, and you'll start to generate new product ideas, new services.

Question number one: What can I do in the next seven days to increase my conversion rate? To increase my opt-ins? To increase the number of affiliates promoting my products? What can I do in the next seven days to over deliver for my customers? What can I do in the next seven days to show appreciation for my customers?

Just think: In the next seven days, what can I do...and add in all those things. Decrease refunds? Increase response rate? Increase traffic?

Anything you want to improve, would be valuable if it increased can be substituted in there. Once you ask yourself that question allow it to sink in and your imagination will start to spit out ideas. Make sure you write them down!

Question number two: What marketing ideas are successfully being used in your industry?

Look at a business in your industry that is very successful and ask yourself what marketing strategies are they using that you could apply to your business?

Question three: Potential customers, what are five new ways to acquire them?

For most of us, we only acquire customers one way. Think about five new ways to do this instead of relying on the one method. Once you ask yourself this question and remember to record the multiple ideas you will have. Your business will only grow and grow, bringing in more revenue when these ideas are implemented.

Question number four: Who could really help my idea take off and how can I make it super easy for them to do so?

That one question is an extremely powerful question. I have used that over and over to get all kinds of things in my business. You would not believe the power of that question and how I've applied it in my career.

I'll repeat it one more time. How do I make it really easy for people to help me and who do I know that could really help my idea take off? This is a great question.

Question five: How could only spend $10 and still wow blank?

How could I wow my customers for under $10? How could I wow my affiliates for under $10? How could I wow my joint venture partners for under $10? Heck, how could I wow my spouse, husband, girlfriend, for under $10?

Use this great formula. Apply it to your business and watch how it will continue to expand into a profitable enterprise.

I know when I ask myself these questions I see not only a difference in the number of ideas I am able to generate, but directly in my business. If you want to know five more questions that will help your business expand check Part Two of this article.

Until then
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